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When To Engage A Tree Consultant

Nov 28, 2022

Engaging a tree consultant can be beneficial for both property owners and developers across both residential and commercial properties. Often, there will be disputes around trees, or simply property owners are unsure of what will work best for their situation. A tree consultant can provide advice on how to maintain or improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees.

In this article, we will discuss four ways how a tree consultant can help you.

What is the difference Between a Climbing Arborist and a Tree Consultant, also known as Consulting Arborist?

Climbing Arborists are trained in correct pruning techniques and safe tree removals by climbing and aerial access. They will provide quotes for tree pruning and removals but are limited in the advice they can offer when it comes to health management and assessments. They can also perform services such as Tree Pruning and Tree removal. Climbing Arborists are required to attain a Level 3 qualification.

Tree Consultants or Consulting Arborists are experts who assess trees from the ground. They should have attained AQF L5 or higher qualification (there is technically a level 7, but it’s a bit disputed within the industry)to perform their services and practical application of arboriculture. Some of the services they can provide include formal tree assessments, tree reports, and managing and overseeing activities such as excavations and construction involving tree safety.

When should you engage a Tree Consultant?

You’re planning a development project that will involve removing trees.

If you’re planning a development project that will require the removal of any trees, engaging a tree consultant is necessary. They can create Preliminary Tree Reports and help develop a tree removal plan that minimises the impact on the surrounding environment and meets council regulations. At Frontier, we can provide support with the council application process.

In some cases, they may prepare a Tree Retention Plan (TRP) or other alternative solutions to conserve the tree. Their expertise will ensure your project stays on track while protecting the surrounding ecosystem.

You’re concerned about the health of a tree on your property.

If you have a tree on your property that you suspect is unhealthy, a tree consultant can assess its condition. They can recommend the right treatment plan if the tree has diseases or is infested with tree pests.  

They can advise you of the necessary tree maintenance services, such as Tree pruning, lopping or cleaning, based on the tree’s appearance. Sometimes, they may recommend tree removal if it’s too far gone to be saved. 

Ultimately, a tree consultant can provide expert advice and guidance on how to best care for the tree, so it remains healthy for years to come. 

You want to plant new trees on your property.

There is a lot to consider when planting a new tree on your property. One of the biggest challenges is selecting the right one for your climate and soil type. Most of the time, we plant trees because of their beauty and aesthetic appeal, only to find out later that it was the wrong species for our property or space. 

A tree consultant can guide you in choosing the most appropriate species and give expert advice on the best care for your new trees. They can also conduct Tree Risk Assessments and prepare Tree Management Plans and Arboricultural Impact Assessments for DA lodgements. 

Engaging a tree consultant can help you get the maximum benefit for your trees and save you potential heartache and money in the long run.

You need an expert opinion for legal purposes.

Sometimes, engaging a tree consultant is required for legal purposes. For example, if there has been damage caused to your property by a tree, you may need assistance from a tree consultant to help with your insurance claims. If there is tension between a neighbour over trees, a tree consultant can provide an unbiased assessment to help provide a resolution.

Engaging a Tree Consultant Can Help You With A Variety Of Concerns

Tree consultants are experts in the science of tree care. They are extremely valuable in many different circumstances, from preparing necessary reports for development projects, providing expert tree care advice and assisting in conflict resolution.

If you are considering engaging a tree consultant, Frontier Tree Services have highly trained experts with the most up to date knowledge and qualifications. Why not give us a call?

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