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Frontier Tree Services – Arborist Reports, Gold Coast

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Frontier Tree Services specialise in providing comprehensive arborist reports on the Gold Coast for development applications and to resolve tree-related conflicts. An arborist report serves many functions with regards to your property and the trees it features; they can be used to submit to Gold Coast City Council for planning purposes or as tree health assessments and planning tools for schools and body corporates.

Arborist reports for council submission on the Gold Coast are done by Frontier Tree Services. Our dedicated arborists are qualified as AQF Level-5 arborists – the only type of arborist who can legally perform an arborist report for GCCC tree issues.

Arborists of this level are masters of their craft, possessing an in-depth and  extensive understanding of all things tree-related. Arborist reports for council submission can be complex and need to be handled only by highly qualified professionals. Trust Frontier Tree Services today and give us a call for expert advice and recommendations.

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Most Common Reasons for an Arborist Report

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Development Applications for Local Council

An arborist report for council is commonly needed for any planning and development purposes. These reports can include Tree Retention Plans, Vegetation Management Plans and Arboricultural Impact Assessments.

Body Corporate Tree Management

All trees located on any premises managed by a body corporate fall under the jurisdiction of the Gold Coast Council and are protected. This means any tree on body corporate-owned land will need council approval prior to being removed – unlike privately owned lots, which have different regulations depending on the species and location of the tree.

We recommended periodic arborist tree reports for body corporate managed properties as a way to prevent damage before it occurs. Prevention is always better than cure and this is certainly true for trees. Our expert team can carry out a visual assessment and then implement a management plan as needed.

Tree Dispute Resolution

Arborist reports for tree disputes are often needed when issues arise between neighbours on residential blocks. This can include a concern of trees falling over onto a neighbour’s or your own backyard or when trees encroach upon yours or your neighbour’s property, such as overhanging a fence or roof. You need an arborist report to remove trees from the property.

While this is typically a dispute between residential homeowners, it can also occur on body corporate managed properties or between business owners on a commercial property where there is the potential for damage caused by trees.

Existing and Protected Gardens

If you have recently purchased a property with a large or small garden and wish to expand upon it or change it completely, an arborist report can form part of your new Landscape Plan by cataloging the trees and plants that are in the garden and giving details about their health and value. They can also provide advice and recommendations on protecting and caring for old trees in a heritage-listed garden.

Frontier Tree Services are the premier Arborist team on the Gold Coast

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What is an Arborist Report?

An arborist report is a comprehensive legal document that can only be prepared by a qualified AQF Level-5 arborist. They are required by local and state governments to resolve tree-related issues as well as provide valuable advice and expert recommendations on the health and future management of trees. A report can include:

 Identification of tree species with dimensions and descriptions

 Detailed information on the condition and structure of the trees

Recommendations for treatment and pruning

Potential risks of the tree, including pests and hazards

Photos for visual evidence

Vegetation management plans

 Plans for long-term treatment, health and protection of trees

 Carbon planning

Advice for the restoration of valuable trees

Arborist report Gold Coast

How to Read an Arborist Report

We understand that arborist reports can be confusing so once our experienced arborist team has completed an arborist report for you, we will run through all of the details and provide advice on next steps as needed.

Our arborist reports will include:

Identification of all trees within the property, these will be described by their botanical and common names

Where specified tree work has been detailed or recommended within the report, these will provided by a qualified level 5 arborist and in accordance with the Australian Standards 

    • AS 4970-2009 Protection of trees on development sites
    • AS 4373-2007 Pruning of amenity trees

How An Arborist Report Can Be Used

Commercial Property Development

  • Council requirement as part of the development application for new buildings
  • Tree selection for specific area climate and optimine care
  • Maximisation of the carbon neutral environment of any subdivision, commercial construction or development

Purchasing a New Property

When you are looking to purchase a property an arborist report can provide you with valuable information on:

  • What the local council tree regulations are
  • How you can comply with local council tree regulations when you are completing a renovation or building a new house or premises on the property
  • Identification of current species on the property
  • Advice on care for the established trees within the property and the potential maintenance costs required to maintain them

Residential Properties

Arborists reports can assist in several ways for residential property owners:

  • Current established trees that are showing a decline in health and aging.
  • Advice on the most appropriate tree species for your climate, infrastructure and garden area.
  • Short term planning for trees that require restoration, remedial pruning and care
  • Long term planning to ensure the species chosen align with your property environment and optimum levels of care needed
  • Recommendation on maintenance of established or newly planted trees to avoid the trees causing damage to your property, neighbours property or in the event of a storm.
  • Protection of established trees during renovations or construction work of your property
  • Established trees within a proposed new driveway, extension to your home or the construction of a new property.
  • Appropriate tree species that will increase the carbon footprint of your property
  • Management and advice on neighbour tree disputes

Why Trust Frontier Trees With Your Arborist Reports?

As a trusted arborist on the Gold Coast for over 30 years, our customers know that they can count on us for their arborist reports.

We offer:

  •     Qualified Level-5 arborists
  •     Practices to ensure our upkeep of environmental responsibilities
  •     Unrivaled safety measures
  •     Accurate and up-to-date advice
  •     Prompt, reliable service
  •     Carbon Neutral
  •     Paperless scheduling software

Don’t rely on inexperienced and unqualified tree loppers to guide your decisions regarding your trees. The arborists from Gold Coast’s Frontier Tree Services are passionate about the conservation and preservation of trees and vegetation. We understand Gold Coast Council regulations and want to work with you to achieve the optimal outcome for your property in line with these conditions. For accurate and considered arborist reports on the Gold Coast, contact Frontier Tree Services today on 075574 4477 or use the Get a Quote button to discuss your arborist needs. 

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