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Tree Consultant Gold Coast- Tree Reports and Management Plans

Do you need a Gold Coast Tree Report, Vegetation Management Plan or Tree Consultant with a qualified level 5 arborist?

Frontier Tree Services provides comprehensive gold coast tree reports and management plans prepared by our level 5 arborist. Reports can be used to submit to Gold Coast City Council for planning purposes, or as tree health assessments and planning tools for schools and body corporates. Our gold coast tree reports detail the species, health, structure and form of your trees. Any potential risk can be identified and necessary work prioritised accordingly.


Visual Tree Assessment (VTA)

If a full comprehensive tree report sounds a bit over the top, we could also carry out a Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) of nominated areas or specific site locations. Our Arborist will assess all vegetation within the nominated area/s for any actual or potential issues, which is or could potentially become hazardous. This allows for large areas to be inspected but with only reporting being undertaken on vegetation on which needs categorized action.  This is a comprehensive report including work recommendations prioritising trees via a hazard rating system.

Vegetation Management Plans (VMP)

Frontier Tree Services offer professional Vegetation Management Plans (VPM) prepared by our level 5 Arborist (AQF5). All approved recommended works are carried out as per the management plan and in accordance with Australian Standards and local laws. We can also provide the services of a project arborist onsite during the completion of the works to ensure the project complies with all requirements set by Gold Coast City Council. We can also provide the services of a project arborist to ensure the project runs smoothly and complies with all relevant requirements.

Body Corporate Tree Management

All trees located on Body Corporate land are protected by local Gold Coast council so it’s important that all tree care work is carried out correctly. Frontier Tree Services can help identify any trees that may potentially cause problems and recommend the appropriate work, helping to eliminate those unexpected and costly repair bills. As the saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’. We can help prioritise the work verbally, or put together a management plan (costs apply) to present to your committee if required.

Helpful tips when Planting

When choosing trees for your garden or landscape project it’s important to choose the right tree for the right location. Different factors such as root invasiveness, water demand, and size can cause major problems and be costly to rectify later. The following factors should be considered when planning your garden;

  • Why – why are you planting is an important question. Is it for screening, fruit, wildlife etc?
  • My location – where am I, and what grows best in my soil?
  • Form – what will it look like as it grows and do I have the space?
  • Species characteristics – remember to think about flowers, seeds and fruit
  • Preparation, preparation, preparation

Check out our Recommended Tree replanting list for more information about selecting the right trees for your project or contact with tree consultant on the Gold Coast to find out more on Gold Coast Tree Reports, and how we can help you.

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As a retired Electrical Contractor who at times employed up to 300 tradesmen I have to comment on your operation. Those blokes were as professional as any trades I have come across since moving to Queensland almost 30 years ago. Matt and all of the others are an incredible asset to your business. Please pass on my thanks. Congratulations also to the  business owners and Management on having such a great operationR. Harwood, Broadbeach Waters (Feb 2020)