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An Arborist report serves many functions with regards to your property and the trees it features. Reports can be used to submit to Gold Coast City Council for planning purposes or as tree health assessments and planning tools for schools and body corporates. The best arborist reports on the Gold Coast are done by Frontier Tree services.

Arborist reports for council submission can be complex and need to be handled only by highly qualified professionals. At Frontier Tree Services on the Gold Coast, our arborists are qualified as AQF Level-5 arborists. 

Arborists of this level are masters of their craft. Possessing an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of all things tree-related. So you can trust their advice and recommendations.

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Purpose and Benefits Of An Arborist Report

Tree reports detail the species, health, structure and form of your trees. Any potential risk can be identified and the necessary work arranged accordingly. This is done via:

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Visual Tree Assessments (VTA)

A visual tree assessment is the first step undertaken and one that may mean a more costly, comprehensive report is unnecessary. During a visual tree assessment, a qualified arborist  carefully reviews the vegetation in the required area. The goal of this is to determine if there are any existing hazards or potential hazards that need to be addressed. 


The benefit of a visual assessment is that a large area can be easily and rapidly assessed. Only the vegetation that is determined to need attention will be comprehensively reported on. These trees will be rated on a recognised rating system, from most hazardous to least hazardous. An arborist report for your Gold Coast property ensures you know exactly which trees to focus on first. 

Vegetation Management Plans (VMP)

Our vegetation management plans are compiled in accordance with all Australian standards and local laws. This is of utmost importance as it ensures total compliance with all requirements set by Gold Coast City Council. Failure to comply with these requirements can incur fines and legal action.


We can provide a project arborist during the implementation of our vegetation management plans to ensure that there is no deviation from the plan and all works are completed properly and safely. 

Frontier Tree Services are the premier Arborist team on the Gold Coast

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Body Corporate Tree Management

All trees located on any premises managed by a body corporate fall under the jurisdiction of the Gold Coast Council and are protected. This means any tree on body corporate-owned land will need council approval prior to being removed – unlike privately owned lots, which have different regulations depending on the species and location of the tree.

We recommended periodic arborist reports for body corporate managed properties as a way to prevent damage before it occurs. Prevention is always better than cure and this is certainly true for trees. Our expert team can carry out a visual assessment and then implement a management plan as needed.

Helpful Tips When Planting: An Arborist From The Gold Coast Gives Advice

For a new garden or landscaping project, you should always have an expert plan in place. This leads to not only a visually appealing garden but one that should thrive and last for many years. 

At Frontier Tree Services we consider the risks posed by different factors such as root invasiveness, water demand or size of vegetation, which can cause major problems over time and be costly to rectify later. 

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Before planting a new garden or tree you should consider:

The purpose of the planting: Is it for shade? To encourage wildlife or for ornamental appeal? If it is to bear fruit, why this particular tree?

The location of the planting: What is the aspect – north-facing, westerly? How much sun or shade does it get? Is the soil appropriate for the chosen tree? What grows well in my area already?

The size of the chosen tree or vegetation: How big will it get? Not just height, but diameter. Will it fit in the chosen space once it has finished growing?

Characteristics of the species chosen: Consider any seeds or flowers that may cause concern if dropped. Bees and wildlife will be attracted to flowering and fruiting trees, so keep this in mind.

Preparation: The most important aspect of ensuring healthy trees and gardens is preparation. Ensuring the location and soil is optimised prior to planting is the best step you can take for a successful, healthy, long-lasting and impressive gardens.

Arborist Reports On The Gold Coast That You Can Trust

Don’t rely on inexperienced and unqualified tree loppers to guide your decisions regarding your trees. The arborists from Gold Coast’s Frontier Tree Services are passionate about conservation and preservation of trees and vegetation. We understand Gold Coast Council regulations and want to work with you to achieve the optimal outcome for your property in line with these conditions. 

Your environmental responsibilities are safely and legally met when you engage our services 

For accurate, considered arborist reports on the Gold Coast, contact Frontier Tree Services today on 075574 4477.

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