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3 Most Common Tree Pests Found At The Gold Coast

Aug 8, 2022

The Gold Coast is a beautiful area with plenty of trees and palms that locals love. From shady spots on our streets and parks for relaxation to adding an extra touch to our gardens, we have them everywhere. As a tree owner, you must keep them free from the most common tree and palm pests in Gold Coast to ensure they are healthy and thriving.

Signs of Tree Pests Infestation

Trees are naturally beautiful. However, when not treated in time, a tree pest infestation affects the tree’s appearance and overall health. It’s best to regularly check your trees and watch out for these common signs of pest infestation:

  • Leaking sap
  • Cracking and swelling
  • Chewed/Damaged lead edges
  • Cottony white masses
  • Fewer leaves
  • Leaves discolouration
  • Holes on leaves and bark and branches
  • White spots on twigs, branches and leaves

Top 3 Common Tree Pests found at the Gold Coast


Borers are the larval stage of insects such as beetles and clearwing moths. They are called such because they bore into the wood to lay their eggs. When the larvae hatch inside the tree, the insects feed on the wood’s living tissue, causing damage to the tree and, over time, weakening the structure. Borers are likely to choose living but stressed trees, so ensuring trees are healthy can help prevent the attack.

Brown Root Rot Or Bracket Fungus

Whilst Brown Root Rot is not an insect, it is a pest – a tree pathogen (Phellinus noxius) that causes roots to rot and decay. The effect of an infestation can be so severe that the tree’s water and nutrient supply can be completely cut off.

Unfortunately, Brown Root Rot affects around 200 tree species. It’s highly invasive and difficult to control. Bracket Fungus is a visible fungus that attaches to the trunk or surface roots of trees. Can look like mushroom growth. Watch out for wilting in younger trees, cinnamon, brown rotting on the root, and advanced stages of decay and damage on the wood.


Termites need moisture to survive so they are attracted to timber in moist/damp areas. They can live in deadwood but will move on once all moisture has gone. Termites love healthy trees and are highly destructive critters. They can cause massive damage to wood when left untreated and can destabilise a tree. Termites will look to move onto another food source unless treated, risking the health of your overall garden ecosystem.

Hallowing trunk, wood shavings and termite wings at the base of your tree may be signs of termite infestation.

If you suspect termites are a problem, we can grind the tree stump and remove all surface timber from your garden. Once affected trees are removed, you should engage a pest control service to prevent any recurrence.

For Flourishing Trees, Keep the Most Common Tree Pests in Gold Coast at bay

As Gold Coast locals, we know that trees are an invaluable part of the community, and we should always practice proper tree care. One way to do this is to keep the pesky pests away. Learning about the most common tree pests at the Gold Coast and what signs to look for are the first steps to ensuring your trees are pest free.

One of the many services we offer at Frontier Tree Services is an Arborist Inspection. This involves a comprehensive report that tells you the health, species and structure of your trees and identifies any potential risks. We offer neem spray treatments for leaf & borer pests and stump grinding to remove existing stumps when termites are identified. Stump grinding on the Gold Coast is extremely important and highly recommended as the rotting wood with our humidity makes an ideal breeding ground for termites.

If you suspect your tree is showing signs of pest infestation, we encourage you to get in touch with us immediately. Our highly trained and experienced Arborists On the Gold Coast can identify the problem and provide treatment solutions to return balance to your tree’s health and ecosystem.

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