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Frontier Trees are passionate about tree planting on the Gold Coast to keep the city green and create a better environment for everyone. As experts in tree removal, our highly experienced local arborists can cut down unwanted trees then replant a native tree on your property that will grow in its place and contribute to a healthier space. 

Native tree species are a fantastic choice for replanting as they are the most suited to your local area and will be easier to maintain. You can find free trees at Gold Coast City Council and many nurseries also stock native tree species. 

How Does Replanting Promote Sustainable Living?

Planting trees is vital to humans, animals and the environment. By having a tree removed from your property and replacing it with a native species, you are helping to:

Provide food and shelter for local wildlife, such as birds, koalas and butterflies

Promote carbon storage which results in cleaner air

Increase your property value by replacing untidy trees with native trees that complement the style of your home

Add visual appeal to your street

Reduce noise from surrounding areas for a quieter property

Create a shady oasis to keep you cool and protect your home or business

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What Native Tree Species Should I Replant?

Native trees are the best kind of trees to replace your removed or fallen tree as they have already grown accustomed to the environment and the unique conditions of the Gold Coast. This means they will be easier to care for and are more likely to grow strong and healthy for years to come. Our expert arborists have extensive local knowledge on native plant species and can provide advice on:

Suitable tree species for backyards

Suitable tree species for body corporates

Suitable tree species for businesses

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You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a native tree species to enhance your property. If it’s privacy you need for your backyard or business, consider planting a Murraya tree, Eumundi tree, Little Gem Magnolia tree or Bottlebrush tree. Tropical native trees look attractive planted along sidewalks and around pools as they blend perfectly into the Gold Coast landscape. Consider Foxtail palms, Golden Cane palms, Lilly Pilly and Magnolia trees that can grow up to 7 metres high.

If you’re not sure about anything to do with tree planting, all you need to do is contact us and we’ll take care of it for you..

Why Trust Frontier Trees With Your Tree Planting?

Our clients love working with Frontier Trees because:

  •  We are qualified AQF L5 arborists who can provide expert advice on suitable native species and management
  •  We are passionate about conservation and the preservation of trees
  •  We help clients comply with conditioned replanting as part of tree removal approval by the local council
  •  We use one contractor for both tree removal and replanting to ensure a simplified, more organised process
  •  We offer prompt and reliable service with transparent quoting and easy-to-follow advice

Start living more sustainably today. Get in touch with Frontier Trees for all of your tree planting on the Gold Coast and contribute towards a greener future.

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