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Palm Tree Maintenance And Cleaning

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Nothing says Gold Coast quite like a swathe of lush palm trees. The ideal addition to most Gold Coast gardens, palm trees thrive in the subtropical climate, providing dense shade and attractive foliage. Regular palm tree cleaning at your Gold Coast property helps ensure you get the most out of your palms.  


Palm trees are notorious for messy hanging and falling fronds. They also can attract bats when in seed and vermin when fruiting. To avoid these downsides and keep your garden pristine, you need regular tree maintenance and cleaning of your palms.

Scheduled Cleaning And Palm Frond Removal On All Gold Coast Palms

It is recommended to have your palms cleaned twice a year in order to capture the seeding that occurs at the beginning of winter and early summer. Regular attention to your palms can reduce the time needed on each visit as well as keep costs down. All palms require cleaning at some stage, no matter the species.

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Why Employ A Service To Maintain Your Palms?

Palms pose a unique challenge with regards to maintenance. Most palm trees grow to significant heights, making hanging fronds, seed pods and fruits challenging to access and remove safely. The trunk can also be covered in sharp spikes and weigh much more than expected. This is why we recommend engaging the expert tree services of Gold Coast specialists, Frontier Tree Services. 

Our professional, qualified Arborists are highly trained in non-invasive climbing techniques. They are equipped with specialist equipment which allows them to climb your palm trees safely. We will never use techniques that will wound or cause damage to your tree, which can all too easily occur with inexperienced tree loppers. If trimmed incorrectly, your palm can even die or fail to produce new fronds. Our goal is to preserve your trees, maintaining their health and appeal.

Providing first class palm tree removal & maintenance services across the Gold Coast

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Why Palm Tree Cleaning On The Gold Coast Matters

It may not seem like a pressing need, but cleaning your palms isn’t just about appearance, it’s also about safety. Cleaning your palms is essential to avoid:

injury or damage to property from falling fronds, fruit, coconuts or seed pods which can weigh up to 13 kilograms;

slippery, rotten and foul-smelling fruit (Cocos palms);

swarms of disease-ridden bats or infestations of rats; and

death of the palm: palms that are not regularly maintained are more likely to develop disease. The removal of dead fronds and unnecessary fruit also provides the tree with more energy for growth.

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 For high pedestrian areas, where maintenance may not be regular enough to catch all falling fronds, we offer palm banding. 

We eliminate the risk of heavy falling debris by netting the outer palms and holding the fronds in place before they can fall. Our arborists can recommend this solution if it is suitable for your palms. 

Our teams also take all palm waste away and leave your garden pristine and green-bin empty.

Palm Tree Removal – Gold Coast

Should you require palm tree removal at your Gold Coast premises, our team can assess the tree and decide on the best course of action. Reasons to remove a palm can include:

when they become diseased or damaged;

when they have grown too large for the environment;

when they negatively impact the appearance of your garden;

when the roots are causing damage to nearby structures and underground services…some palms can be very detrimental to the structure of your pool; and

when you just simply want the palm removed from your garden.

Our highly trained and qualified team will ensure the safe removal of your palm tree. With a focus on keeping your garden as undisturbed as possible during the process. 

Palm in a challenging space? We specialise in complex removals such as those by a pool or beside your home. To ensure your property remains undamaged, our arborists and ground crew receive regular training, keeping them up to date with the latest rigging and removal techniques. We are also fully insured to add to your peace of mind.

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Unsure Whether To Keep Or Remove?

If you really are not sure about the future of your palms, our experienced arborists can advise. They can walk you through the distinct habits of the species and typical growth characteristics of your palm, enabling you to make the best decision for the future maintenance of your palms. 

Our first step is always to assess and consider carefully before advising so you have the full picture prior to any decision, ensuring you avoid any regrets about removing the tree unnecessarily.

Frontier Tree Services have been carrying out palm tree cleaning on the Gold Coast for close to thirty years. We pride ourselves on offering quality service, backed by fully qualified arborists. Our focus is always on the best solution for you as the owner and for your trees. 

If you’d like to set up regular maintenance for your palm trees, a once-off clean or removal, contact Frontier Tree Services today on 07 5574 4477.

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