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For almost three decades, Frontier Tree Services has provided top-notch Gold Coast tree removal services for many, always with a focus on sensible and environmentally responsible solutions.

Where preservation simply isn’t possible, our experienced tree removalists (arborists) are able to take down and clear any trees in need of removal. As approved contractors of the Queensland Arboriculture Association, we work closely with the local Gold Coast council on tree removal jobs to ensure we’re always finding the best solution for the owners and the trees.

When is tree removal necessary on the Gold Coast?

While our tree removal experts always try to approach tree maintenance with an emphasis on the most environmentally responsible option, sometimes the services we offer—pruning, lopping, or simple upkeep—just aren’t enough. Often, varied problems can make removing the entire tree (or trees) absolutely necessary to prevent it becoming a bigger hazard. These can include:

major structural weakness;

dead or dying trees;

falling debris;

pest infestation;

simply being in the wrong location.

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Whatever the reason, you can be sure that Frontier Tree Services has the experts and tools to confidently and competently handle any tree removal. Our Gold Coast team has access to the latest equipment and receive regular up-to-date training to ensure they’re able to get any job done both safely and efficiently.

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Can I try removing the tree myself?

Can I try removing the tree myself?

In the past, tree removal has often been considered a bit of a D-I-Y job, but now it is not advisable for untrained individuals to undertake any tree removal when it is unable to be completed from the ground. All works from height should be completed by a qualified Arborist who is trained in safe tree climbing practices. There are many cases where people have decided to try doing so without the help of professional Gold Coast tree removal services and have either injured themselves or caused major damage to their property. In addition, there’s a variety of things to consider when thinking about removing a tree, including:

the landing zone;

transporting the cleared tree; and

clearing up the left-over debris.

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This is where we come in— as tree removal experts, we’re able to look at a job, assess what needs to be done, and get it done safely and efficiently. Sometimes, also, a whole plot of land might need tree clearing ‘en masse’. Whether it’s a suburban block with a problem tree or a large acreage property that needs space for a new home, we guarantee a clean, efficient job done in accordance with SWMS and WHS procedures.

The other important thing to remember is that, in some instances, council approval is required to remove trees. Don’t let this deter you, we are able and willing to complete the tree removal application for the Gold Coast City Council on your behalf and make the whole process hassle-free. No forms, trips to the council office, or anything else—we’ll take care of the lot.

In effect, if you’re not sure about anything to do with tree removing, all you need to do is contact us and we’ll take care of it for you..

How much does tree removal cost?

How much a tree removal job costs usually depends on what our crew must do and thus the skill, time, and equipment needed to complete it well. We consider:

tree size and structure;

ease of access;

surrounding work area

debris clearing;

stump grinding; and

council approval.

Depending on the job, we have access to and can engage the services of Wildlife Management experts, cranes, excavators, skid steer loaders, traffic control, elevated work platforms, and electrical contractors. However, we pride ourselves on making sure our prices are exactly what they should be based on what is needed for the job required. No matter what size, position, or problem, we’ll find the solution.

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Our tree removal experts

As professional tree removalists, we understand that trees are an important asset to any property and that making the right decision for their care is vital. Our experienced teams are professionally trained, highly experienced, and excel in providing prompt and reliable service.

With all free, no obligation quotes carried out by AQF L5 qualified arborist, go ahead and book a quote or call us today for expert tree removal solutions and accurate, honest advice.

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