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At Frontier Tree Services all Gold Coast tree pruning work is carried out to Australian Standard AS4373: 1996 Pruning of Amenity Trees, and in accordance to local council & Queensland Arboriculture Association guidelines. Our pruning techniques aim to eliminate hazardous branches, reduce wind resistance and increase the health and longevity of your trees.

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Formative Pruning in young trees is important to help prevent any major weak unions or crossing branches as the tree grows. Preventative measures like this can reduce storm damage and help ensure the longevity of your trees. With correct formative pruning, mature trees should be free from major physical weakness and can be enjoyed for years to come. To learn more about type of gold coast tree pruning phone Frontier Tree Services today.


Crown thinning is a gold coast tree pruning technique used to leave you with an open, well-balanced tree canopy. Firstly all damaged, dead, crossing and weak branches are removed, followed by any smaller live branches as necessary. This will help reduce wind loading on the tree and increase natural light below the tree.


Crown lifting raises the canopy of a tree by removing the lower branches. This is usually done to create greater clearance over walkways, paths and roads.


This gold coast pruning technique is the reduction of the canopy by a maximum of 15-20% and can either be to reduce the tree back from a building or simply to reduce its size. This should be done in a way in which the branch removed is reduced back to at least 1/3 of the diameter to allow it to ‘take over’ the terminal role. This should leave the tree looking as natural as possible. Not to be confused with tree lopping!


Remedial pruning is designed to reduce the risk of falling branches by improving the tree’s form. This includes the removal of dead, damaged, decayed, diseased and or dangerous branches and unwanted epicormic shoots


Frontier Tree Services’ qualified arborists provide a free tree hazard inspection on the Gold Coast which can help identify potentially dangerous trees, branches or limbs with weaknesses. A free ‘walkover inspection’ by one of our Arborists is the first step to protect your trees, property, and more importantly, your family during adverse weather conditions. Storms like the ones that struck Brisbane in November 2008 and the Gold Coast in May 2009 can cause major damage. Many of the trees that failed and damaged property had underlying issues. With regular inspections, these issues can be identified and managed to reduce the risks. Prevention is always better than cure Frontier Tree Services loves trees too and we can often recommend different ways to maintain trees without destroying their beauty. Whether it be installing a crown stabilising system or by carrying out pruning techniques such as weight reduction, dead wooding, or canopy thinning (AS:4373), we have a gold coast tree pruning solution to suit you! Our arborists have years of experience in preventative gold coast tree pruning and are experts in identifying weak or damaged limbs. Even the smallest fungus can be a telltale sign of poor structural integrity! If you have trees that your concerned about call Frontier Tree Services, your local gold coast tree pruning experts today.

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At times it is recommended to retain dead or dying trees for our natural habitat. Sometimes referred to as skeleton trees, any potentially unstable limbs are removed and the main trunk is left to provide welcome homes for some of our Gold Coast wildlife.


We understand that your trees are an important asset to your property and making the correct decision for their care is important. All our quotes are carried out by qualified arborists, who can offer advice and helpful solutions to problems you may have with your trees. Our free, no obligation quotes will allow you to make an informed decision for the future care of your trees. To find out more about our gold coast pruning contact us today.

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Excellent service from the first moment of contact. Job was completed as quoted, in great time and with no fuss. Highly recommend this company. We will be using them for all our tree pruning needs in future.B. C for Serenity Shores, Helensvale (July 2020)