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Tree Pruning On the Gold Coast

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A beautifully shaped tree is not only pleasing to the eye but usually is representation of a healthy and safe tree. Trees that have been unprofessionally topped or lopped lose this appeal and their integrity, becoming a hazard. This is why tree pruning on the Gold Coast, or anywhere, should only be carried out by a qualified arborist.

Pruning Vs Lopping/Topping

Often in the tree services industry, professionals are referred to as ‘tree loppers’. This is a phrase Frontier Services shies away from because tree lopping or topping is detrimental to trees. At Frontier Tree Services, the philosophy behind the business is focused on saving trees and preserving their beauty. Hence the reason why lopping/topping is something we do not offer.

Instead, we offer a careful assessment of trees and prune them to an agreed plan, focusing on conserving and preserving the tree. Both for the owner’s sake and the trees. Importantly, all our tree pruning on the Gold Coast is carried out to Australian Standard AS4373: 1996 Pruning of Amenity Trees. It is also always in accordance with local council & Queensland Arboriculture Association guidelines.

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This refers to the removal of a large portion of the top of the tree or its crown. There is little attention paid to where the cuts are made or how this affects the shape of the tree. 

Lopping leaves large wounds that are easy ingress points for disease, as well as damaging the structure of the tree; in a storm or high winds, the tree is more likely to suffer breakages or damage surrounding property.


Pruning takes time. It’s about making small revisions to the shape of the tree to remove any problematic branches or improve the shape. It can work to reduce the crown, lift the crown, thin out bulky crowns and assist with improving light.

Formative Pruning

Formative pruning refers to the action of guiding young trees to grow correctly. This can mean removing branches that impede symmetry or create friction points. This type of pruning is ideal as it sets your tree up for a healthy and long life.

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Gold Coast Tree Pruning & Crown Thinning

A large tree with a dense canopy can cast deep shade that prohibits light from entering a home. To counteract this, the crown can be thinned out and pruned. 

During this process, damaged, dead and dangerous branches are removed. This is followed by selective removal of small live branches across the crown, leaving more light below the tree and reducing wind loading.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting, as its name suggests, involves raising the crown of the tree. This is done by removing low hanging branches and is typically performed over walkways, paths and roads.

Crown Reduction

Not to be confused with tree lopping, crown reduction is usually undertaken when a tree is encroaching on a building, road or railway line. When done properly, only 15-20% of the tree is removed, with the branches being removed reduced back to at least 1/3 of the diameter. This is to allow it to take over the terminal role and continue to grow in a healthy way. 

Crown reduction should leave the tree looking natural, not lopsided or as though a chunk has been hacked out, such as with lopping.

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Tree Pruning For Solar Panels

With so many homeowners and businesses installing solar panels, many are looking to prune their tree and maximise sunlight. Engaging one of Frontier Services qualified arborists can ensure your tree is expertly pruned. Our arborists will assess the sun’s position and undertake tree pruning for solar panels carefully, in a way that allows the light you need without damaging the tree.

Remedial And Restoration Pruning

For reducing the risk of falling branches and improving the tree’s shape, remedial and restoration pruning is recommended. Dead, damaged, diseased, decayed and dangerous branches are removed. Awkward or unsightly regrowth from past pruning will also be addressed during this process.

Conservation And Habitat Pruning

On occasion, our arborists may suggest or recommend the retention of dead or dying trees. This is due to their ability to become a natural habitat for Gold Coast wildlife. Any unsafe limbs are removed and the structural integrity of the trunk is checked thoroughly to ensure its suitability.

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Other Benefits Of Tree Pruning

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, one of the best benefits for regularly maintaining and pruning your trees is storm season preparation. Weather in the subtropical climate of the Gold Coast can be wild. Strong winds and rain are a regular occurrence, with many trees sustaining damage during storm season. 

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More often than not, trees that experience significant damage during a storm have underlying issues. These can be issues caused by disease or by improper care such as topping. This is why ensuring quality tree pruning on the Gold Coast is a must.

Frontier Tree Services offers free tree-hazard inspections so you can avoid the damage and stress caused by falling limbs or total tree failure. This preventative pruning is just another of the quality services we provide.

Keeping your trees safe, healthy and beautiful is what we do best. Contact us today on 07 5574 4477 to arrange professional tree pruning with our qualified arborists.

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