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Frontier Tree Services Tree Maintenance On The Gold Coast

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Most people understand that a garden needs regular upkeep to stay healthy and remain visually appealing. Trees are frequently overlooked as part of this process. This is most often due to the difficulties faced in handling tree maintenance. Tree maintenance on the Gold Coast, however, is made easy with Frontier Tree Services.

Benefits Of Maintaining Trees

There are so many reasons why you should prioritise tree maintenance in the same way as any other garden maintenance.



Keeping trees free of dead limbs means residents and property are protected from falling branches.


Trees generally take a long time to reach their full size. Often a property is reliant on its trees for the shade and privacy they provide. As a result, the sudden death of those trees from disease or damage can be distressing. Regular maintenance can mean your tree remains healthy for years to come.


Properties are undoubtedly more appealing when they feature established trees. They can also add value to your home.



Hours spent raking or picking up fallen branches and twigs can be largely avoided through regular maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your yard and less spent cleaning it. 

Encouraging wildlife

If you enjoy birds and other wildlife on your property, a healthy, well-maintained tree is enticing for all kinds of local fauna.

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Tree Maintenance Vs Tree Removal

Tree maintenance, when done regularly and properly, can avoid the need for future tree removal. Tree removal involves the complete dissection of all branches, trunk and stump, with the waste being disposed of. 

Tree maintenance is designed to tidy up the shape of the tree, treat any signs of disease and encourage healthy growth. This process can help you avoid problems with trees as they age, with the ability to spot issues before they advance and help you avoid future tree removal.

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Why You Should Engage An Arborist For Tree Maintenance On The Gold Coast

Standard tree ‘lopping’ companies do not necessarily understand the complexities involved in caring for trees. Often their solution is simply lopping or topping trees, which is detrimental to a tree’s growth habits and longevity. 

An arborist is someone who has studied trees in-depth and understands the best way to conserve and protect them. The arborists at Frontier Tree Services work with you to achieve the best result for your trees and your property.

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Tree Removal

Sometimes, despite our best efforts or preference to save a tree, it just isn’t possible. Tree removal is rarely as simple as just deciding to remove a tree; however, in many instances, once a decision is made in consultation with the owner, the council must also be notified. If council approval is required, having qualified arborists’ support can expedite the process. 

When removing trees, our ground staff operate with the utmost care to avoid damage to surrounding vegetation or disruption to your property. As one of the premier tree services on the Gold Coast, we specialise in removing trees in complex environments and small spaces. So should there be no other recourse than to remove a tree, you can trust us to handle it with care. 

At the close of all our jobs and in line with our commitment to revitalisation, all tree waste is mulched and repurposed. We can leave this for your garden or remove it dependent on your preference.

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Tree Pruning Services Gold Coast

If your tree hasn’t had any maintenance before and needs more significant attention, we offer pruning services. Unlike other tree services on the Gold Coast that offer aggressive topping or lopping, our pruning is done carefully and strategically. 

Our arborists take a considered approach to ensure the tree remains safely balanced and healthy. Deceased, problematic or diseased branches will be removed one by one; we’ll make revisions made throughout the process as needed to make sure the integrity of the tree isn’t compromised.

Tree Maintenance On The Gold Coast Made Easy

Our reliable and high-quality tree services on the Gold Coast mean that your property remains safe and looking its best. Regardless of whether you need tree maintenance for a body corporate premises, business, commercial or civil location, Frontier Tree Services on the Gold Coast can help. We are adaptable and professional and can work in any environment. 

When you choose us for your tree maintenance on the Gold Coast, you’re investing in the health of your trees, their safety and your property’s appeal. We genuinely care about your trees and assess and maintain them individually.

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