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Tree Maintenance

A beautiful garden adds character to your home. Healthy trees increase the aesthetic appeal and offer a focal point to your property. Frontier Tree Services provide expert tree care that transforms your yard into an oasis.  Frontier Tree Services promises to deliver high-quality residential tree maintenance services that fully cater to your needs. We provide pruning and removal services for all types of trees and shrubs, no matter what the size. Our Arborists use the latest techniques and equipment to care for your plants and provide you with the best outcome possible.  

  Regular tree maintenance is essential to achieving a perfectly manicured garden. Not only does regular pruning help keep your family and property safe, it also increases sunlight and improves the health and structure of your trees. Trees on the Gold Coast can grow fast, so we understand how easy it is for trees to overtake a garden quickly. Our tree trimming services are perfect for clearing away overgrown trees, reducing back encroachment over pathways and rooflines. If your trees are in desperate need of transformation, or you’re looking to maintain perfectly sculptured trees, our tree trimming services are for you. Create a garden for your whole family to enjoy, by engaging Frontier Tree Services for your regular tree maintenance. We offer convenient, stress-free options to suit your needs and budget. We start with single, one-off tidy ups, to regular ongoing scheduled maintenance throughout the year. Our repeat-schedule service, (where we call you when it’s time for a spruce up) helps keep your garden perfectly manicured all year round.  

Hedge Trimming 

The perfectly shaped hedge can provide a beautiful border to a stunning garden bed or be used as a natural screen or fence in your garden. It’s no surprise that maintaining this classic formal garden look requires regular ongoing maintenance.  Engaging a professional to maintain your hedge will improve its health and longevity. Incorrect hedge trimming practices can cause undue stress, which could result in poor re-growth and die back.  Our professional hedge trimming services will ensure your hedge is trimmed to produce healthy growth and maintain a strong structure. Add the perfect finishing touches to your property with perfectly manicured hedges. For a free, no-obligation quote for hedge trimming, please contact us.

Tree Pruning & Shrub Trimming

Gold Coast Tree trimming and shrub pruning are vital to maintaining a perfectly landscaped garden. Regular tree trimming allows you to maintain your trees and shrubs to your desired height and shape, enhancing the aesthetics of your garden.  We understand how vital symmetry and shape are in a formal garden. Our regular tree trimming and shrub pruning services will ensure your trees and shrubs are perfectly shaped while maintaining that all-important symmetrical look. Nothing enhances the look of your home more than a tree in full bloom. Tree trimming during winter promotes bud growth on flowing trees. When spring arrives, your tree will be in full bloom, attracting native birds and enhancing the aesthetics of both your trees and your home.  For a reliable and high-quality tree trimming and shrub pruning services, please contact us for a free quote.

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As a retired Electrical Contractor who at times employed up to 300 tradesmen I have to comment on your operation. Those blokes were as professional as any trades I have come across since moving to Queensland almost 30 years ago. Matt and all of the others are an incredible asset to your business. Please pass on my thanks. Congratulations also to the  business owners and Management on having such a great operationR. Harwood, Broadbeach Waters (Feb 2020)