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Tree removal on premises operated by a body corporate can have added complications. Not only must you comply with the Gold Coast Council regulations, but the conditions set by the body corporate. Body corporate tree management on the Gold Coast is made easier when you engage the help of Frontier Tree Services.

We Understand Body Corporates

Working with a body corporate can include the need for additional support to get the job done. This is why we include:

a detailed quotation in PDF format for easy dissemination to executive committee members. They are also accompanied by site photographs or overlay maps;

accurate advice regarding tree maintenance and any applicable local council laws;

reliable customer support services, ensuring you can always reach us during business hours;

a qualified, fully insured and professional team of arborists and ground crew; and

additional support services, assisting with the compliance of any tree removal approval notices, such as replanting.

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Services Offered For Body Corporate Tree Management On The Gold Coast

The grounds of body corporate premises can quickly become unkempt and detract from the appeal of the property. The best way to avoid this is to have a regular, scheduled maintenance plan. Frontier Tree Services offer premier body corporate tree services on the Gold Coast. 

Our qualified arborists are available to meet with your site manager or elected committee member to discuss the options for the site. We understand that the most cost-effective solution is the most desirable one for body corporates. 

Ongoing body corporate tree maintenance for your Gold Coast property is by far the best course of action to avoid costly damage at a later date. Our expert teams work to keep your grounds looking their best. This can include annual pruning, six-monthly palm cleaning or hedge trimming every few months. We can tailor any plan to suit.

Tree Removal Or Pruning


To make things easier, council submission fees are included in all our quotations. Wondering why you may need to make a submission to the council? Trees and any other vegetation on your body corporate premises form part of an approved landscaping plan for body corporate tree management Gold Coast and it is protected under local law. 

With very few exceptions, body corporate and strata title properties on the Gold Coast all have an approved landscaping plan; body corporates must have their trees assessed and identified by an AQF L3 or L5 arborist if they intend to lodge an application for tree removal. There are some instances where applications are not necessary, but only an expert Arborist can properly advise on this.

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 Pruning is similarly regulated and protected trees must be pruned to Australian standard AS:4373, pruning of amenity trees. They cannot be lopped, topped or damaged in any way. 

To avoid expensive fines or extensive replanting orders from Gold Coast Council, you should only employ a qualified arborist. Only a qualified Arborist can be trusted to have the correct training and knowledge to prune to this standard and comply with this regulation. Frontier Tree services see to it that your body corporate tree management on the Gold Coast is always compliant.

Always check the qualifications of anyone offering tree services – failure to do so can have enormous consequences for your body corporate. We will gladly provide proof of our qualifications on request.

Palm Banding

Palms, while a great addition to gardens, can quickly become unsightly.  Dead palm fronds falling or hanging can also pose a safety risk. To ensure they pose no danger to visitors or residents, we offer palm banding.


Palm banding involves placing a band just underneath the crown of the palm. This band acts to stop falling fronds between our visits. We can arrange palm banding as a one-off service or as part of a packaged maintenance plan. Our palm cleaning services are also suitable for removing seed pods that attract bats in large numbers. We can also remove palm fruits which rot and can attract vermin.

Vegetation Management Plans

Our comprehensive vegetation management plans are specifically designed to address the needs of body corporate and strata titled properties. A vegetation management plan has many benefits, including:

enabling accurate and comprehensive budgeting;

providing insights into the future of the existing vegetation and its needs;

identifying any potential hazards or existing dangers;

creating a timeline in which to address issues and spread the cost over a period of up to two years; 

the ability to be crafted with a specific budget in mind, with all vegetation ranked on a hazard scale to pinpoint the most necessary expenditure; 

a complete, easily understood plan on PDF that is easily broken down into separate jobs that allow total transparency; and 

the ability to be customised to the premises and to address the most pressing concerns of the executive committee.

As required, you can request our qualified arborists to revisit your premises and update the report as work is completed. As updates aren’t included in the original report, we recommend taking advantage of our additional update service should you notice new hazards or issues that need addressing to ensure your reports are completely up-to-date.

For council legislated replanting or council applications, you can rely on us to keep your body corporate compliant and safe at all times.

Adherence And Compliance Guaranteed

Utilising our AQF L5 arborists ensures you are always provided with the most expert and accurate advice. Being able to correctly identify trees means we can ensure you are always in complete adherence to the local laws set out by the Gold Coast Council.

Remain informed and in charge. Work only with a qualified arborist you can trust for body corporate tree management. If you’re on the Gold Coast, contact Frontier Tree Services today on 07 5574 4477.

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