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At Frontier Tree Services, we take care of all your tree maintenance needs from arborist reports,  vegetation plans to stump grinding and tree removal in the Broadbeach area.

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, a healthy environment adds significant benefits to our own health and wellbeing. Trees play a vital role in this and with a little TLC we can ensure your trees provide ongoing benefits for generations to come.

Arborist Broadbeach

Our expert team manages a variety of tree dilemmas throughout Broadbeach. Tree lopping, stump grinding, and tree maintenance are some of the more common residential problems that our team tackles regularly. On larger scale jobs, our experience extends to conducting tree management programs in new housing development projects, commercial and civil tree projects, and Body Corporate tree maintenance.

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As level 5 qualified arborists, we can also compile comprehensive reports including visual tree assessments and vegetation management plans. Palm tree cleaning and removal are offered along with a large selection of mulch varieties to protect your garden and keep the moisture in the soil around your trees.  

We pride ourselves on individualised service, which means looking at every tree as a completely unique proposition and finding a way forward that benefits both our customers and the environment.

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Providing first class tree removal & maintenance services across Broadbeach and surrounding Gold Coast suburbs

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Tree Pruning Broadbeach

Flying in the face of traditional methods, some solid research and years of industry experience tell us that tree pruning is a much healthier way to promote and sustain new growth than tree lopping. You don’t have to look far in Broadbeach to see trees that have been hacked off at the top and sides. It’s brutal and unnecessary, and some trees never recover from the shock of it. 

At Frontier Tree Services, we work to protect the tree from undue stress by thinning branches, leaving the tree perfectly balanced and stable, while allowing for regeneration throughout the tree.

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Tree removal 

As avid protectors of trees and the environment, we consider all other options before deciding that a tree must be removed. However, there are just some circumstances where no other option is available. Removal will be considered for trees that have poor health, are in a bad position, have invasive or unstable root systems, or are a danger to person or property (like a widow maker located next to a residential house in downtown Broadbeach!). If tree lopping cannot help and tree removal is the only option, we use the safest methods possible to remove the tree, limiting the impact on the surrounding environment.

As professionals we know that tree removal in Broadbeach often comes with a lengthy council process, beginning with an arborist report from a suitably qualified tree lopping service. If this is the case, we can assist with the process from start to finish.

Our highly qualified and professional arborists provide a wide array of tree care services throughout Broadbeach and surrounding suburbs. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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For all your Tree Service Requirements