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Tree Removal Ashmore

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Frontier Tree Services are the experts in tree removal in Ashmore and surrounding Gold Coast areas. All our jobs are carried out by experienced and qualified professionals. Whether you live on a wooded home lot, own an acreage block, or have premises with a poorly positioned tree, we have the service to suit you.

We Don’t Just Remove Trees!

Our services in Ashmore include:

tree lopping

arborist reports;

palm tree cleaning & removal;

tree pruning;

tree maintenance;

stump grinding;

commercial & civil tree projects;

Body Corporate tree maintenance; and


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Providing first class tree removal & maintenance services across Ashmore and surrounding suburbs

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Arborist Ashmore

Our team of AQF L5 qualified arborists, explore all tree maintenance and care options available to our clients. We know that tree lopping in Ashmore’s delicate ecosystem may burden the habitat and stress a tree, so we always explore other solutions before resorting to this procedure. Our extensive experience and knowledge in tree management enables us to determine what is best for the health of each tree and natural system we assess.  By planning each project, we are also able deliver our services without risking the safety and comfort of our customers.

Arborists Ashmore
Tree Lopping Ashmore

Like all living things, sickness and illness can strike a tree and can be passed onto other plants or trees nearby; a raging summer thunderstorm can leave a path of destruction and destabilise root systems leaving it in a hazardous position; or with passing time and a fast-growing canopy, a tree that once provided fabulous shade may become a dangerously unstable and heavy load towering over your house.

That’s why we have unique tree pruning and tree removal services for Ashmore, specifically. During initial client consultations, we consider alternate options that a traditional tree lopper may not offer. Our passionate team strives to create significant ongoing benefits to the environment.

Tree Removal

Despite our preference for tree preservation, sadly, sometimes the only option is to remove the problem tree completely. In these cases, we take the time to consult with the property owner, local council, and any other stakeholders to plan an appropriate course of action. We guarantee to take the utmost care to remove the tree with minimal disruption to the property and surrounding vegetation.

Tree Pruning Ashmore

Our business is built on environmental management and conservation principles which gives us experience in all areas of tree care. Our team of experts carry out tree pruning, tree lopping and tree maintenance, palm tree cleaning and removal, and stump grinding. We can also provide comprehensive arborist reports where required.

Commercial and civil tree projects and body corporate tree maintenance is a rapidly growing area that demands specialised expertise. In keeping with our commitment to revitalisation, our services include an array of mulch options to keep your surroundings healthy and vibrant.

Frontier Tree Services can cater for all your tree lopping needs in Ashmore. Call us today to speak with one of our experienced staff members.

Call Today 07 5574 4477

For all your Tree Service Requirements