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20 Million Trees Program: How We Can Help You Contribute

Oct 25, 2022

Over the last 10-15 years, hundreds of acres of land has been cleared (including the loss of thousands of trees) to accommodate additional housing. This has particularly affected the northern Gold Coast suburbs of Coomera and Pimpama

With the housing crisis in full swing, the purpose of clearing the land to build houses and accommodations serves many Australians. However, the loss of so many trees poses a threat to our native vegetation and can contribute to the increase in temperature. In fact, the mass removal of vegetation has created a heat island effect in these northern suburbs, increasing temperatures by 6 to 10 degrees above coastal suburbs.

To re-establish green corridors, urban forests and reduce rising temperatures, the 20 Million Trees Program has been initiated by the government. Frontier Tree Services supports the program by providing Gold Coast tree planting services and replanting to support sustainability.

What Is The 20 Million Trees Program?

As part of the National Landcare Programme, the 20 Million Trees Program aims to plant 20 million native tree species to help restore and protect the environment and contribute to more productive and sustainable communities.

Homeowners are encouraged to engage tree service providers to undertake revegetation or replanting native trees, which will help to develop more resilient landscapes, improve the extent, connectivity and condition of native vegetation, and provide habitats for threatened species and ecological communities. The program is also targeting a massive reduction in carbon emissions.

Gold Coast Tree Planting Services: Supporting The 20 Million Trees Program

Tree removal is essential in particular instances, such as keeping people safe and properties looking their best. When trees are removed for purposes such as creating housing, it is vital to replant where possible. As Gold Coast tree planting services provider, Frontier Tree Services is committed to supporting the 20 Million Trees Program, and we understand the positive impact it will have on our local communities and the environment.

If you do have to cut down trees, our highly experienced arborists can assist you with the removal as well as replanting the best native trees that will grow optimally in their place. Providing countless benefits to the environment, they serve as food and shelter to wildlife, help improve air and water quality, keep the city green and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Healthy native trees add aesthetic appeal to your property and can complement the style of your home. They can assist with noise reduction from surrounding areas, creating a quieter private place and increasing the value of your property.

Do You Need Gold Coast Tree Planting Services? Call Us Today

The Gold Coast is home to many beautiful native trees. Natives are the best species to replace trees that are cut down or removed as they have grown accustomed to the soil and the unique overall condition of the local environment. They are easier to care for and will flourish for years to come. Planting these trees on your property will also make an invaluable contribution to a more sustainable future.

If you need Gold Coast tree planting services or replanting native trees on your property, please call us. We’re happy to help.

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