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What Are The Best Trees For The Gold Coast Region And Why

Nov 25, 2021

Trees are an impressive and unique addition to any property, and Gold Coast residents love their trees! One concern that some people have, is actually choosing what trees are best to plant in their Gold Coast property. To provide you with landscaping ideas, we’ve come up with a list of beautiful trees that will grow well on your Gold Coast property.

7 Best Tees for the Gold Coast Region

Acacia (Wattle)

The Acacia tree or Wattle come in different heights and can be either small trees or shrubs, depending on what variety you choose to grow. There are different types of Wattle trees across the country, but the most suited on the Gold Coast region are the Bancroftii, Boxleaf and Holosericea. All types thrive well even without much water, so they are perfect for dryer climates, such as that of the Gold Coast region, where temperatures soar high, especially during the summer months.


The Bottlebrush is a member of the Callistemon genus and a very hardy small tree. It produces a mass of magnificent and highly distinctive flower heads that vary in colours. These flowers are adored by nectar loving birds, insects and other wildlife. The Bottlebrush is easily grown on the Gold Coast and can also be managed as a tree, shrub or hedge, making it an excellent choice for any landscaping project.

Foxtail palm

An Australian native, the Foxtail Palm is an adaptable and fast-growing tree. It is stunning and attractive with 2-3 metre plumose leaves. The unique palm fronds are bushy in shape and typically grow up to 15 metres in height. Hence the name ‘Foxtail’. These trees produce a large orange fruit and are suitable for coastal growing conditions. They are a great option for planting around pools and paved areas and offer an updated look to the Cocos Palm that is so commonly found around the Gold Coast. 

Lilly Pilly

One of the best trees for the Gold Coast region is the Weeping Lilly Pilly, an ornamental tree common in the tropical rainforests of Eastern Australia. A native to Queensland, it has numerous species, but they all have one thing in common – an impressive height! The tree can reach heights of 30 metres. It can be planted as a single tree or grown with multiple trees to form a hedge. Gardeners love planting them in gardens and courtyards as they can grow in many soil types, are easily shaped, readily available and visually attractive. 

Native Frangipani

Frangipani trees are a common sight in the eastern Australian landscape. It’s a medium sized tree that can grow up to 20 meters high in the tropics, but if you’re growing at home, you can keep it at 5-8 metres without affecting its natural charm. It is available in various colours, and its leaves are a matt green with a pointed tip. It’s an excellent tree to plant on the Gold Coast as they grow well in warm areas. They can also grow in cooler temperatures, provided it has full sun exposure.

Eumundi/Elaeocarpus Eumundi

If you’re looking for the best trees for the Gold Coast region, the Eumundi is our pick. It is an excellent tree near buildings, structures and pathways. It can grow from 5-10 metres in height, and its glossy leaves make it an attractive feature tree in urban areas. The Eumundi is native to Queensland and thrives in coastal conditions.

Tuckeroo Tree

These hardy giants are perfect both in terms of size and maintenance. They typically grow 8-15 meters tall with an attractive trunk. They can be found along many Gold Coast streets today. They are beautiful Australian natives that rarely suffer from diseases or pests.

Spruce Up Your Garden with The Best Trees for the Gold Coast Region

If you’re looking to improve the looks of your lawn or garden, add magnificent trees, but make sure they thrive well in the Gold Coast area. For more information about tree maintenance, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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