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Mulch Supply On The Gold Coast

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As part of our ever-evolving commitment to conservation, Frontier Tree Services repurposes all tree waste into a supply of quality mulch for Gold Coast gardens. We take all suitable tree waste and process it through our wood chipper to produce high-quality forest mulch. Forest mulch is ideal for the Gold Coast climate. 

What Is Mulch And What Does It Do?

Mulch is a by-product made by processing discarded organic waste through a wood chipping machine. Mulch can be made up of any number of organic materials such as grass clippings, hay, straw, leaves, bark, kitchen scraps (though this is usually seen more in compost), sawdust, shredded newspaper or cardboard, tree waste from pruning or removal and animal manure.

Mulch works by providing a protective, nutrient-rich layer over garden beds and around trees and plants. It adds visual appeal and feeds the garden as it breaks down, whilst also protecting it from drying out.

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What Is Forest Mulch?

Forest mulch on the Gold Coast is mulch specifically made from the waste created by tree pruning, canopy reduction and tree removals. Made up of whatever offcuts tree workers feed into their chipper machine, forest mulch is the ideal way to stop tree waste from going to landfill.

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Benefits Of Mulching Your Garden

Mulching your garden has many benefits, the most obvious of which is that it makes your garden more visually appealing.

As well as helping your garden appear more ‘finished’, mulch uses also include:

Weed suppression mulch gold coast

Weed suppression

A thick layer of mulch is a Gold Coast gardener’s best defence against unwanted weeds. Mulch blocks the sunlight needed for weeds to thrive and survive.

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Moisture retention

Mulch is ideal for Australia where drought is a recurring issue. Mulch helps to reduce evaporation of water in your garden. 

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Improvement of the levels of beneficial microorganisms found in soil

Beneficial microorganisms occur as the mulch breaks down into the soil. These microorganisms play an essential role in creating fertiliser and cycling nutrients.

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Temperature moderation

Mulch acts as insulation and protects trees and vegetation from heat and cold. Facilitating better temperature regulation at the roots helps plants thrive.

Why The Quality Of Mulch Matters

Mulch shouldn’t just be made of any tree waste. Palm fronds, for instance, are too fibrous to break down properly and can end up making your garden appear messy. Other vegetation such as noxious weeds or trees with poisonous sap should also not be used. The risk of unwanted plants or weeds seeding is also present in a low-quality mulch. 

Our highly qualified arborists ensure that all mulch created by Frontier Tree Services is of a very high standard and free of ‘rubbish’ tree waste. So your garden will always look great – from first application right through to when it begins to break down.

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How Much Mulch Should I Use?

‘Too much’ is as much of an issue as ‘not enough’ when it comes to mulch. When applying mulch to your garden beds, you ideally need to make it around 10cm thick. At this depth, the mulch can partially compost, as well as ensure good coverage. Too thin and it will be unable to repel weeds or retain moisture. 

If applying mulch around trees and shrubs, you should always keep a space clear around the base. This helps to avoid disease, rot or insect infestations in your plants and garden.

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When Is The Best Time To Use Mulch?

Mulch is best applied at the end of spring, just before the heat of summer arrives. This is why forest mulch on the Gold Coast is so useful. Applying before the high summer temperatures will make for a much happier garden, enabling it to retain that much-needed moisture and keeping the soil cool. 

You should only need to apply forest mulch once a year. It will break down over time, so an annual application is recommended to maximise its benefits. Repeated applications too close together can be detrimental to your garden, as the layering will be too thick to allow adequate water penetration.

Ordering Mulch For Your Gold Coast Garden

Frontier Tree Services can supply fresh or composted mulch on the Gold Coast to just about any location. Our friendly team can arrange delivery at a time that suits. Contact or call us today 07 5574 4477 to discuss your options for our forest mulch on the Gold Coast. 


Please note that currently, due to the large-scale nature of our business, we are only able to supply mulch in bulk quantities of 20 cubic metre lots. We apologise for any inconvenience.


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