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Why You Should NOT Work on a Tree Removal Yourself

Apr 29, 2022

If you’re a property owner and notice that one of your trees does not fit well in your garden or poses safety issues, you may be tempted to try removing it yourself – after all, it can’t be that difficult! While it may seem like an easy job, many things can go wrong. So, we strongly advise that you don’t attempt doing it and leave the Tree Removal Service to the professionals.

Risks of D-I-Y Tree Removal: Why Tree Removal Service Should Be Done By A Professional

Falling Injury

The most common risk associated with removing trees is a falling injury. When cutting down hazardous trees, it may be necessary to remove the branches first, which means that if your height or center of gravity extends beyond what’s considered safe, there will be a higher chance of falling off the platform. Using heavy tools, such as a chainsaw, makes managing the process even harder without proper training.

No Control Over Where The Tree Falls

When cutting down a tree, it’s important to consider the chance of miscalculating where its branches and trunk will drop. You will have no control over this. Even with careful DIY techniques, the falling tree can still pose a danger to surrounding properties, accidentally hitting powerlines that can cause blackouts or, worse, harming the people around.

In addition, if you decide not to get a Tree Removal Service from a professional Tree Services company, your insurance may not cover any damage in the event that the tree falls on your home.

Unstable Decayed Wood, Debris Falling

One of the reasons a Tree Removal Service is necessary is due to dead or dying trees causing major structural weakness. Internal decay makes a tree unstable; dead branches may fall everywhere. The danger of removing the tree on your own is the direction the debris may fall. It can be very unpredictable and potentially injure you and the people around you.

Mishandling of Tools

Tree removal requires the use of specialised tools and equipment, and many of them are heavy and extremely dangerous, such as chainsaws and wood chippers. If untrained and mishandled, the biggest risk would be a chainsaw kicking back, striking your arm, hand or face or causing you to lose balance and fall. Woodchippers should only be operated by trained individuals. We DO NOT recommend the general public operate these machines.

Hire a Professional If You Need Tree Removal Service, Never Do-It-Yourself

If you find yourself in need of a Tree Removal Service, it is worth hiring a professional to get the job done right. What may seem like an easy D-I-Y may turn into a disaster and potentially cause harm to your property and, more seriously, you or someone you care about.

Frontier Tree Services specialises in Tree Removal on the Gold Coast, among many other Tree Services and can help you get the job done safely and efficiently. Our highly qualified Arborists are trained in safe tree climbing practices, and we guarantee that we strictly adhere to Gold Coast City Council Tree Removal guidelines. Please book a quote or call us today for expert Tree Removal solutions.

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