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If you have a commercial or civil project that requires DA approval, you will likely need to include an arborist report in your submission. Frontier Tree Services provide project arborist services including Impact Assessment reports, Arborist project supervision and highly skilled tree removal crews to ensure compliance with your DA approval. We make commercial tree removal and Gold Coast civil tree removal straightforward and uncomplicated. 

It can seem frustrating or unnecessary to have so many regulations surrounding the pruning or removal of trees. However, there are valid reasons for this. 

As per the Gold Coast City Council:

‘The preservation of trees and vegetation within the City is managed by the Vegetation Management Code from the City Plan. This code seeks to protect and manage assessable vegetation located on private, freehold land, to facilitate sustainable development of the city and ensure the protection of the Gold Coast’s biodiversity and ecological values, landscape character and amenity.’

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Our passionate team of arborists and ground staff are goaled towards conservation and preservation. We want to work with you to bring about the best result for your site whether civil or commercial. Always ensuring compliance with all Gold Coast Council regulations – we are able to support your submissions and walk you through the process. 

Our arborist’s reports are prepared in detail and cover all costs and works required for the trees and vegetation on the project site. This allows for better planning with regards to both scheduling and budgeting.

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Tree Removal & Pruning

If you require pruning or tree removal before commencing works, Frontier Tree Services should be your first call. We pride ourselves on providing accurate guidance always complying with Australian standard AS 4373 Pruning of Amenity trees and all Gold Coast City Council regulations. The last thing you need on any job site is complications. 

We understand the need to carry out work safely and efficiently, ensuring your project remains on schedule. No matter the size or number of trees involved, our intelligent and expert approach means rapid completion. Our teams are all highly skilled and experienced, holding both a white card and current Safe Work Method Statement training (SWMS). 

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We utilise the most up to date equipment and methods so we always have the right solution, no matter the circumstances. Complex or difficult jobs are our speciality for both Gold Coast civil tree removal and commercial tree removal situations. 

Avoid the heartache and engage only a qualified arborist and ground team. We guarantee rapid removal as needed and preservation of pruned trees, no complications and no delays. 

The benefit of conserving trees with arborist guided pruning should not be understated. At the close of construction, your project will already be visually appealing with established trees and vegetation, reducing your required budget for landscaping.

Impact Assessment Reports & DA Compliance to Promote Civil & Commercial Tree Services on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Council often requires you to provide Impact Assessment reports for compliance with or to support your Development Application. These supporting assessments can only be completed by a qualified arborist. All of our arborists are highly educated and qualified as AQF L5, placing them at the peak of their profession; you can trust their advice and ability to carry out the work properly. 

Our arborist reports are customised to suit your project and the vegetation specific to the site. We review all possible impacts and present it in an easily interpreted PDF format for easy circulation to the required parties, ensuring project staff and council members are completely across the site plan.

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Arborist report Gold Coast

What is an Arborist Report and Why Do You Need One?

An arborist report is a legal document performed by a Level 5 arborist that provides comprehensive information about the species, condition, structure, form and risks of trees on a property. 

They are commonly requested by Gold Coast Council for commercial tree removal and civil tree removal. Arborist reports can be used for:

  1.   Applications for planning and development. Arborist reports can thoroughly assess the impact the development is likely to have on the trees that grow on the proposed site.
  2.   Existing and protected gardens. An arborist report can catalogue the trees and plantings in a newly purchased garden for landscape purposes as well as provide protection and long-term management advice for valuable trees that are heritage-listed.
  3.   Tree dispute resolution. Arborist reports can be used to resolve tree disputes between neighbours by detailing the potential risks and hazards associated with overhanging trees and trees that are in danger of falling onto a property.

Frontier Tree Services offer expert Gold Coast civil tree services as well as commercial tree services and qualified arborist consulting services.

Frontier Tree Services offer expert Gold Coast civil tree services as well as commercial tree services and qualified arborist consulting services.

We can help you with arborist reports that include:

  •      Verbal Consultation – Speak to our qualified Level 5 arborists who can offer local advice and recommendations for your trees
  •     Letter Reports – A method of presenting the arborist report with all information required. We use easy-to-read PDF format
  •     Tree & Building Reports – An assessment of both trees and buildings and their impact on each other to balance urban development
  •     Preliminary Arboricultural Report – An initial review of the condition of a tree, including information on species, health and dimensions
  •     Arboricultural Impact Assessment – A written assessment that details the impact of a planned development on existing trees, within and adjacent to the building site
  •     Tree Management Plans – A survey on the health and safety of a tree with advice on maintenance, tree removal, relocation and more
  •     Tree Evaluation – A comprehensive evaluation of a tree’s condition, structure, shape and more
  •     Tree Inventories – Includes species, age, dimension, health and more
  •     Bushfire Assessment Reports – To assess bushfire risk of new developments and help to keep the project aligned to provisions, building and construction codes

Project Supervision

If you have trees on site that you are required to protect during the construction process, you will need to engage an AQF L5 arborist. Our arborists will provide a report and plan on how to protect the vegetation during the project. 

During the reporting process, our arborists will identify any tree protection zones that need to be erected, which then need to be set up by your chosen contractor. Our team will then check it’s correct and complies with the report.

Our project arborists are also on-site to supervise any works in and around the defined tree protection zone, ensuring compliance to protection orders and the maintenance of the health of the tree at all times. Included in this supervisory service is a basic summary report for your records and to assist with any further council requirements or queries.

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For Gold Coast civil tree removal or commercial tree removal and pruning contact Frontier Tree Services today on 075574 4477. 

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