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What Is Tree Lopping and How Can It Keep Your Home Safe?

Aug 26, 2021

Trees play a vital role in our lives, and as a homeowner, they can be an asset to your home. However, they can also pose a danger if not properly maintained. To avoid this happening, Gold Coast property owners engage tree lopping services as an option for tree maintenance. What does tree lopping involve, and how exactly does it help keep homes safe?

Why We Should All Love Having Trees In Our Gardens

As well as being a key part of our ecosystem and helping us breathe by providing oxygen, trees can also help reduce stormwater runoff and prevent erosion that can lead to flooding. These are just some of the countless benefits that trees provide.

In the home’s garden, trees can help add character and beauty to the entire landscape. Often, trees become focal points of a garden or a backyard. In addition, the proximity of healthy, well maintained trees can help increase property value. 

What is Tree Lopping, and How Does it Protect My Home?

Tree Lopping is a practice that involves the removal of branches, essentially from the top part of the tree, to achieve desired outcomes such as more light or less shade in an area. It is trimming off overgrown branches from trees to prevent them from encroaching on buildings and causing obstructions resulting in accidents or property damage. 

However, many people do not understand the consequences of tree lopping. The lopping process can shock the tree and cause branches to die back due to the lack of foliage originally there. This will disrupt the natural growth cycle, and the large wounds from lopping are likely to become areas for decay to develop.

The result is an unbalanced structure that requires more maintenance to stay safe for people walking under them every day and avoid damage to properties surrounding it.

When To Engage A Tree Lopping Service For Your Gold Coast Property

Frontier Tree Service generally does not recommend tree lopping in the Gold Coast, but, if this is the last resort, it is crucial to have ONLY qualified arborists perform the procedure. They have vast knowledge in tree care and maintenance, and they know the exact sections to trim off to achieve the least possible level of damage to the tree. 

Frontier Tree Services’ primary objective is protecting trees while keeping them healthy and beautiful for years to come through proper care. We are always looking for ways to conserve your tree’s natural health and beauty without compromising its functionality in any way.

What we advise in place of tree lopping is tree pruning. It is the process of cutting off crossing branches and removing parts that are damaged, diseased, and aren’t structurally sound. Tree Pruning not only clears away dangerous parts of a tree, but it involves thinning out dense areas allowing light into its structure so that new growth can thrive on all sides with plenty of space without feeling cramped in by other limbs from neighbouring trees. 

Our qualified AQF5 arborists will carefully assess the tree condition to determine the right course of action. So before having any tree care service done, make sure to consult with our tree specialists so they can provide you with expert advice to help you make an informed decision about your trees. 

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