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Signs Your Palm Tree Needs Cleaning

Sep 26, 2022

The Gold Coast is home to beautiful Palm trees. These magnificent trees thrive in a subtropical climate, provide dense shade and add a lush, relaxing feel to your garden. When they’re well taken care of, they can even increase the value of your property. That’s why Palm tree cleaning is vital to keep them flourishing and looking their best.

Most Popular Palm Trees on the Gold Coast

  • Alexandra Palm
  • Bangalow
  • Canary Island Date Palm
  • Foxtail
  • Fan
  • Kentia
  • Golden Canes
  • Cuban Royal

Cocos Palms are probably the most common palm species found but are now a declared pest because of their ability to self seed. People would be most familiar with these palms as they were a popular planting choice in the ‘80s to the early ‘2000s. When removing Cocos Palms, we recommend replacing them with Foxtail palm species.

If you’re planning to add more palms to your garden, speak with an Arborist so they can provide you with proper planting and maintenance techniques.

Signs Your Palm Tree Needs Cleaning or Maintenance

Most palm species on the coast are self cleaning, which means they drop their palm fronds once dead. However, they can hang on for a while, making them unsightly or drop along pedestrian accessways, creating a hazard.

It is the seed pods that often require professional removal. When removing the seeds, it is common for arborists to remove any existing dead or dying fronds at the same time, but dead fronds can appear throughout the year and fall with no notice.

To keep your palms in pristine condition, keep an eye out for these signs that tell you it’s time to have your Palm tree cleaning services done.

Unhealthy Palm Head

If you remove too many healthy palm fronds, it can cause a palm head to die. Most palm species will die once a palm head is removed. They don’t have the ability to re-grow as a tree would after cutting it back. It is important to keep the palm head healthy.

Browning Fronds

Fronds have a light colour when they’re just beginning to grow. They then develop into a bright green colour and eventually mature into a darker shade. Any discolouration on fronds where browning is apparent could signify that it’s time for Palm tree cleaning.

Signs of Diseases

Palm trees are susceptible to diseases such as Leaf spots, Bud rot, Butt Rot and Fusarium Wilt. When not treated, these can cause tree decay and die away.

Palms are In Seed

The seed pods that Palm trees grow when in seed sprout flowers that attract bats and fruits that vermins love. These animals leave droppings on the ground, which causes sanitation issues in the community.

Falling Fronds

While Palm trees are excellent for providing shade, they are also known for their hanging and falling fronds. When this happens, they can obstruct pathways, become fire hazards, and cause injury to people and damage to surrounding properties. If you notice falling fronds, it may be time to make your Palm Tree Cleaning appointment.

When To Have Palm Tree Cleaning

We recommend regular Palm tree cleaning and maintenance twice a year to capture the seedling that grows at the beginning of winter and early summer months. Palms are relatively low maintenance. We recommend palms that are near buildings, play areas, and pedestrian/vehicle areas receive regular maintenance to remove seeds and any dead fronds that are present at the time. This will limit the amount of fronds falling and keep them looking aesthetically pleasing.

Who Should Perform Palm Tree Cleaning?

Engage the professional services of an Arborist when your Palm trees require cleaning and maintenance. Most Palm species grow at significant heights, so access to their fronds, fruits and seed pods can be challenging.

Professional Arborists are highly trained and equipped to perform safe and non-invasive Palm tree cleaning techniques to ensure your trees preserve their health and beauty.

Palm Trees Need Extra TLC to Flourish

Palm trees are a beautiful addition to any property, but they require regular cleaning and upkeep to look their best. Frontier Tree Services offers comprehensive Palm tree cleaning services that will keep your trees looking lush and healthy for years to come.

If you’re interested in getting your palms cleaned, give us a call today. We’d be happy to help!

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