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Caring for Trees In Wet Weather

Sep 2, 2022

Queensland typically experiences wet and dry weather, and when it comes to taking care of our trees, it is important to understand how the weather affects them all year long for our benefit and the environment. In this article, we will specifically address caring for trees in wet weather.

How Wet Soil Affects Trees

The wet months in Queensland are technically November to April, but many parts of the country, including the Gold Coast, can experience rain during any season. Whilst trees love a good amount of water, excess moisture levels can be detrimental to their health. Here are a few reasons why:

Trees Can Become Unstable

Root plates in trees that have experienced heavy rain following prolonged dry periods can shift and compromise the stability of the tree. Soil erosion can expose root mass and cause trees to fail. Signs of root plate movement or shifts in soil levels around trees are newly developed holes around the base of the tree, newly exposed roots or movement in the tree itself, such as the tree developing a lean.

Diseases can Develop

Wet soil increases a tree’s susceptibility to developing tree diseases, such as root rot. It makes trees prone to crown dieback and other diseases appearing on above-ground parts such as leaves, flowers, fruits, and branches.

Wet weather can provide perfect conditions for fungus growth, which can cause internal and external decay. Mushrooms and growths around the base and lower trunk of the tree are a sign a tree may have hidden internal decay, which could lead to unsuspected failure.

Loss of Nutrients

Soil nutrients are often depleted after heavy or prolonged periods of rain. Poor soil quality can have a detrimental effect on your tree’s growth and/or lead to canopy dieback.

Ways of Caring For Trees In Wet Weather

Improve Drainage

The saying “Prevention is better than cure” also applies to tree care in wet weather. Prevent excess moisture by installing more surface and subsurface drainage. Have a quick assessment of your property to ensure all existing drains are clear from blockages.

Check for Fungi and Diseases

Mushroom growths and or weeping wounds can signify fungal infection on foliage and developing diseases. These manifestations are more apparent after persistent rains. Call an Arborist immediately if you see them in your trees.

Use Mulch

An excellent way to care for trees in wet weather is by adding a good layer of mulch to the soil bed or around the base of the tree. It keeps the area weed-free, retains soil nutrients and assists in controlling disease organisms from growing, especially during heavy rains.

After heavy or prolonged rains, adding fertiliser to the soil is important to replenish any lost nutrients. Once applied, it’s best to re-mulch.

The Importance of Caring For Trees In Wet Weather

Taking care of your trees is important, and it’s crucial to show them a little extra TLC during the rainy seasons and the occasional heavy rain throughout the year. As a expert tree services owner, these tips can help identify potential problems that may affect your trees. If you have any questions about caring for trees in wet weather or need any tree care services, please contact our team. We’re always happy to help.

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