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5 Facts About Stump Grinding

Dec 21, 2021

If you’ve ever had a tree removed from your property, you know that the process leaves a big stump in its place. What do you do with it? For many, tree stumps are quite an eyesore and can obstruct new plantings and pose potential hazards. Stump Grinding is a tree service that Frontier Tree Services offers that addresses this issue. 

What is a Tree Stump?

A tree stump is the base of a tree that remains after its top has been cut off. They can be found all over forests and bushlands but are also common in urban areas where trees grew before there was any concern about keeping them. They break down naturally on their own, but it can take many years for that to happen. When you have one in your garden or on your property, it can be an eyesore!

Interesting Facts About Tree Stumps

From afar, tree stumps may be quite uninteresting. They become access obstacles, forcing homeowners to navigate them when walking through lawns. Many property owners see them as a blot on the landscape. When looking at it closely, though, there are a few amusing things about tree stumps. Here are some of them.

  • Its concentric rings, when looking from above, signify the number of years the tree has lived.
  • Thicker rings indicate warmer weather with higher rainfall, thinner rings indicate cool, dry conditions. 
  • Sometimes, tree stumps can still grow into new trees.

5 Facts About Stump Grinding


Stump grinding is manually removing a stump with specialised pieces of machinery. It is the method of shredding the stump into tiny pieces. The aim is to flatten it, taking it between 150-300 mm below ground level. It efficiently removes all visible traces of the stump without the need for chemicals or excessive physical exertion.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

  • Improves property aesthetics
  • Gives convenient and safe access to your lawn or property
  • Avoids stump from rotting and becoming a potential breeding ground for snakes, ants and termites
  • Removes a possible area for fungal growth as fungi love decaying wood

Roots and Wood Chips

Stump grinding only involves removing the part of the stump that sticks out. The tree’s root system remains in place in place but can no longer grow, as the light source has been removed .Grinding stumps results in a pile of wood chips that you can use as mulch or add to your green waste bin.

Cost of the Service

The cost is based on its circumference / diameter and type of tree. Some trees have harder wood than others, which takes longer to grind through. Stump grinding generally only includes the stump itself. Surface roots can be ground but can pose risks to underground services and impact surrounding garden / turfed areas. For this reason, it is usually only significant surface roots that are ground. 

Potential Risks

The equipment used is difficult to handle. When operated incorrectly, it can cause a great deal of danger to yourself and others. Apart from shredded wood, other debris, such as glass, rocks, and nails, can hurl around the area, hurting people and damaging properties. Stump grinders can also hit underground cabling, plumbing or waterlines.

Do you need Stump Grinding Services?

Stump Grinding should only be done by our experienced ground staff and we do not recommend attempting this yourself. Taking on the task yourself can pose safety hazards to yourself and risk of damage to your lawn and even the surrounding properties. If you need Stump Grinding Services, please engage the services of a trusted Tree Services provider, like Frontier Tree Services. We’re happy to help.

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