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Preparing Trees For Storm Season

Jan 19, 2022

The Gold Coast’s summer season isn’t over, which means we can still expect to experience some wind gusts and heavy rainfall within the next several weeks. Preparing trees for storm season is crucial to ensure they can stand firm amid strong winds, causing little to no damage to properties surrounding them.

Preparing Trees for Storm Season: What You Need To Know

Regular tree inspection helps determine potential risks.

Tree inspections by a professional arborist are essential for two reasons. Firstly, they can determine whether there is a risk of damage to your trees. Secondly, the arborist can guide you on how best to protect your trees from storms and provide you with further tree maintenance advice.

Having your trees inspected regularly can help diagnose any potential or existing damage, such as deformed or decayed parts, deep cracks in trunks, loose branches, infestation, or other issues. The arborist can then recommend the proper course of action before the tree causes a more significant risk.

Juvenile trees need to be protected.

Staking is an excellent way to support young or newly planted trees during a storm with high winds and heavy rainfall. However, do not use stakes and ropes on semi-mature or mature vegetation, as they can compromise the trees form and create wounds. 

Strong roots are the foundation of stable trees.

Healthy roots can withstand storms, so it’s crucial to keep them strong and deeply grounded. Avoid any activities that may compromise the integrity of the soil surrounding them; including construction work and other potential stressors like compacting their footing with heavy equipment – this would leave your trees vulnerable during storms.

Tree pruning can develop a strong central trunk.

There have been countless debates on whether tree pruning is beneficial for your trees. As an expert in tree maintenance, we know that when done correctly, tree pruning can help trees avoid damage during a storm.

Tree pruning should be performed only by a professional arborist (holding a certificate 3 in Arboriculture). You can be sure that they will follow Pruning Amenity Trees AS:4373 standard. 

Call Frontier Tree Services For Advice On Preparing Trees For Storm Season

Without ample preparation, trees in the middle of strong winds and heavy rains can be dangerous. It’s best to implement a safety plan to protect your trees and the surrounding properties. If you have questions or need expert advice on preparing your trees for storm season, please feel free to contact us.

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