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Stump Grinding Gold Coast

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One unavoidable aspect of tree removal is the stump that is left behind. Stumps can create hazards and obstruct new plantings. If left alone, stumps will eventually rot away; however, this can take decades. This is why Frontier Tree Services offer quality stump grinding on the Gold Coast.

What Is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is the act of manually removing a stump with the aid of specialised machinery. Stump grinding aims to remove all visible evidence of the tree stump, taking it to between 150-300mm below ground level. Stump grinding does not remove the stump in its entirety nor does it remove its root system.

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How Does Stump Grinding Work?

Stump grinding works by using a specialised piece of machinery known as a stump grinder to grind down and break up tree stumps. Stump grinders feature a rotating blade that slices into the wood repeatedly via the guidance of the operator. 

This creates a blend of small wood chips and soil that are repurposed back into the hole left behind. We leave all grindings onsite in the stump area as standard practice. 

Gold Coast stump grinding is the quickest way to remove a stump from your yard.

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Benefits Of Stump Grinding In Your Gold Coast Garden

Stump grinding is the smart choice for stump removal. Trees have extensive and complex root systems, making removing a stump difficult. There are alternatives to grinding such as a chemical application or manual extraction, however, both of these pose risks.

Stump grinding rapidly and efficiently removes all visible traces of the stump without the need for excessive physical exertion or chemicals. Stump grinding on the Gold Coast is especially recommended, as the rotting wood with humidity and heat make an ideal breeding ground for termites.

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What Types Of Stump Grinders Are There?

We use either our tracked grinder or small wheeled stump grinding machine, each one being suited to a particular type of job. From small backyards to logistically complex sites, there’s a stump grinder for just about all situations. Types include:

Small Hand Held Grinders. The small hand held grinder is suitable for small tight spaces, raised garden beds or podium level gardens. However it is only suitable for small stumps or for accessing portions of stumps that large grinders can’t fully access, such as stumps close to fences.

Tracked Machine Grinder. The tracked machine can fit through standard size gates and is suitable for all stumps that are 100mm or greater from walls, fences and concrete garden edges.

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Access Required For Stump Grinding Equipment

Stump grinding will not always be possible in every situation. A minimum of 900mm is required to manoeuvre the machinery into place. Stones, gravel, pavers, pots, gardening equipment and outdoor furniture need to be removed entirely from the work area.

How Much Does Gold Coast Stump Grinding Cost?

The costs involved in stump grinding on the Gold Coast vary depending on the size of the stump in question. The best way to estimate the cost is to measure the stump.

How To Measure Your Stump

When measuring the stump, you should only measure at the base of the stump. This is to ensure all visible roots are counted in the removal, not just the main protrusion. Measure at the widest part in a linear fashion – do not measure the circumference of the stump.

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Why You Should Engage A Professional For Gold Coast Stump Grinding

Stump grinding equipment is dangerous and best handled only by a professional. As a powerful piece of equipment, the dangers of injuring yourself during a DIY attempt are  incredibly high. 

Another consideration is the potential for damage to your property or surrounding property from flying debris. As you grind down into the soil, any number of dangerous items can be unearthed and flung out including glass, nails, rocks or pieces of bricks, sections of old pipe and fence palings.

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The risk to underground services such as cabling or gas lines is also very real. You should always make a stump grinding service aware of these before works commence. No responsibility will be taken for damage if no warning is provided.

If you are unsure of the exact location of your services please contact Dial Before You Dig on 1100; or we recommend using Provac Australia pty ltd who can take care of this process for you.

Frontier Tree Services staff are highly trained professionals with all the relevant training and insurance, meaning they can carry out your stump grinding on the Gold Coast safely

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