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Trees are generally cut to ground level when removed, leaving behind an unsightly and obstructive stump. Tree stumps can take years to die away naturally and are often a safety hazard in the meantime. The best way to remove a trees stump is to engage a gold coast stump grinding professional to grind the stump down 150-300mm below ground level. Leaving you with a clean, flat workable area ready for your next landscaping project. Using a gold coast stump grinding professional, such as Frontier Tree Services is the professional way to have your tree stumps removed safely leaving only easy to manage wood chippings.

Gold Coast Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding Gold Coast


If you have ever tried to remove a stump by yourself, you will understand that it is not a simple task as most trees have root systems that can extend far below the stump and across the area from where they were felled. Digging out the tree stump can be a labour intensive back breaking experience. Waiting for a stump to rot away after chemical treatment can be a lengthy process. While this is a cost effective method for treating stumps, it still leaves you with an unsightly stump, a trip hazard and can potentially attract unwanted pests such as termites into the garden. Frontier Tree Services have experienced machine operators who are trained in using the latest stump grinders. Our experience combined with our up to date equipment will ensure your gold coast stump grinding will be carried out safely and efficiently. Save yourself all the hard work and ask us more about our gold coast stump grinding services. We’ll help you find the right tree stump removal solution for you. Give us a call to find out more about our stump grinding services or check out our handy stump grinding calculator below

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Use our helpful gold coast stump grinding estimator to work out how much your tree stump may cost to remove and make a booking today.

How to measure your tree stump

When measuring your tree stump measure the diameter from the widest part of the stump / surface root as per the diagram (as this is the area that will be removed)

Stump's Widest Part Measurement
Measure Tree Stump

A minimum of 900mm wide clear access is required to access all stumps. Any pavers / rocks/ pots/ plants or non-organic surrounding material is to be cleared away from the site prior to our arrival. Please inform us if the access to the stump/s is not level or has steps as this may require a site inspection prior to confirmation of price.

Underground Service Location:

It is essential that we are made aware of any possible underground services in the area you wish us to grind in. If you are unsure of the exact location of your services please contact Dial Before You Dig on 1100 or we recommend using Provac Australia Pty Ltd who can take care of this process for you. We are unable to accept responsibility for damage to unidentified services.

While we do endeavour to provide as accurate estimate as possible, in some instances the price may vary. Factors such as access or the density / type of stump may cause the estimate time to vary. All prices are to be confirmed on booking day after a visual inspection of the stump has been made. All bookings made are subject to our standard trading terms and conditions.

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Very professional, fast and tidy. Would recommend and use their Palm Cleaning services again for sure.Y. Crawford, Surfers Paradise (Feb 2020)