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Why Forest Mulch is Great for Gardens & Trees

Oct 8, 2020

What is Forest Mulch?

Forest mulch consists of small particles of wood chip, created from trees processed through a woodchipper. It is made from multiple species of trees and contains particles that are mixed in size. Frontier Tree Services supplies two types of mulch products, fresh and aged.

Fresh forest mulch is usually supplied directly from the Arborists Truck and consists of freshly processed trees. This product contains greenery and can contain small twigs and branches which haven’t had a chance to break down yet. Make sure to order an extra cube or two, as this product does shrink once the greenery starts to die off.

Aged forest mulch is a more consistent product containing just wood chip. It has been stored and composted. Any green leaves or stems have broken down and just the timber chip remains.


How does forest mulch help your garden?

Wood Chip mulch acts like a sunscreen for your garden. It forms a protective layer over the soil, locking in much needed moisture, preventing evaporation, and keeping the ground moist and cool. Allowing you to water less and maintain healthy trees and plants.

Mulch is an excellent natural weed suppressant. Reduce the time you spend weeding your garden by applying a nice think layer of woodchip mulch.

Wood Chip mulch is long lasting and looks great. Depending on the size and location of your garden, mulch can be re-applied once every 12 – 24 months which is a much longer lasting alternative to the soft compost varieties or sugar cane.


When should I be mulching my garden?

Forest mulch can be applied to gardens at any time during the year. To make the most of it’s excellent qualities applying before summer can reduce heat stress and help keep your water bills down. Applying before Winter can also help reduce the need for frequent watering during those dryer winter months.


How to apply mulch

An even layer between 5 – 10 centimetres thick should be applied over garden beds or around trees. This will provide a good layer of insulation and allow for partial composting. When applying mulch around trees and shrubs leave a small gap around the stem base. This will help prevent any insect infestations of disease spreading.


Where Can I Get Forest Mulch?

Contact Frontier Tree Services for discount pricing on mulch deliveries of 1 cubic meter and greater.

Our recycled products are sold through TreeCyclers, a division of Frontier Tree Services and the Arborcon Group.

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