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Tree Removal Southport

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Frontier Tree Services are the trusted name for tree removal in Southport. Servicing all areas of the Gold Coast, we specialise in tree maintenance solutions for local residents, businesses, and communities.

Arborist Southport – What we do

Behind every tree there is a story and a history that we use to guide us when assessing a project. As professional qualified arborists AQF L5, we look to solutions that promote a healthy environment.

Our projects begin through consultation with our customers to determine their end goal. This is important because like no two trees are the same, no two jobs are ever the same. On any given day, our experts could be tree pruning, carrying out a tree removal or assessing the stability of an old gum. What doesn’t change, however, is our professionalism and enthusiasm for the job!

Tree Removal Southport

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Providing first class tree removal & maintenance services across Southport and surrounding Gold Coast suburbs

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Tree Removal 

Sometimes trees are simply in the wrong place. That sapling you planted 20 years ago now branches out over the neighbour’s house and is causing concern; the tree with the lovely shade at the front of your property is now obscuring your view of the spectacular Broadwater; the old gum right next to your business premises is riddled with tree rot and could fall at any moment. 

The reasons vary but there are occasions when removing a tree is the best option. If this is the case, our experienced arborists work with property owners and local authorities to remove the problem tree. If stump grinding is necessary, that will also form part of the plan for the tree.

Tree Pruning Southport

Poor tree lopping practices cause damage to a tree by putting it into a state of shock. In some cases, the tree never recovers. Pruning is generally a better option as it serves both to reduce the size of the tree and promote new and healthy growth. Regeneration is essential for the on-going health of your trees and is also safer for those who live around the tree, particularly if it is quite large. If your tree becomes ‘top-heavy’ or lop-sided because of pruning, the stability of the tree in a high wind could be compromised. That’s why, if tree pruning is an option, rather than tree removal, we’ll consider that as a first step in managing your tree situation.

Arborists Southport

Other services we offer

Contrary to popular belief, a tree lopper in Southport offers more services than simply tree lopping, removal, and pruning. As AQF L5 qualified arborists, we can also compile arborist reports; provide tree maintenance, mulch, mulching services, advise on large projects such as body corporate tree maintenance, palm tree cleaning and removal, and commercial and civil tree projects.

A call to Frontier Tree Services will put you in touch with the experts in tree lopping in Southport and surrounds. Talk to us today and let us help you make a plan for your trees.

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