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Winter Garden Maintenance

May 29, 2020

Still crisp mornings, beautiful sunsets and warm sunny days – Winter is here!

Now that the weather is cooling it’s a great opportunity to get out in the garden. Preparing your garden now will ensure your home is a stand out feature when Spring rolls around. Here’s our top tips to get your winter garden maintenance underway.

Winter Tree Pruning

If your trees have grown like crazy this past summer, you’re not alone. After such a long dry spell of weather the summer rains really boosted all our trees, giving them the much-needed moisture and nutrients, they desperately needed. As a result, some of our beloved trees may have low hanging canopies, starting to block that winter sun or growing up against the house. If your looking outside your window nodding in agreement book your winter pruning in now. New growth slows in cooler weather so any pruning will have a longer lasting effect and less frequent pruning required.


Palm Cleaning

Palms typically go into seed twice a year, early Winter and early Summer. To get more bang for your buck wait for the seed pods to appear before booking in your palm cleaning. This will allow the arborist to fully remove the seeds as well as the dead fronds. Growth usually slows in cooler weather so you’ll have manicured palms right the way through winter.


New Planting

Winter is the perfect time for planting new trees, plants and vegetables. Our summers are hot and the sun is harsh on young plants and trees trying to establish. Planting in winter will allow your trees and plants to establish well. Creating healthy, slow growth with good form. Some of our favourite vegetables also grow best in Winter. If you’re looking to get a veggie patch started this winter try plating tomatoes, zucchini, capsicums and herbs. These are all quick and easy to grow. As always, for any garden or tree to grow successfully prep your soil and water regularly. Winter is cooler but also dryer so keep the water up.


Soil Prep

Gold Coast winters are traditionally dry, with little rain. This means our soil receives less nutrients and can often need a helping hand to keep our trees and plants healthy. Improving the quality of your soil now will ensure your trees and plants have a good healthy base throughout winter. We like to use an organic compost mix, available from most landscape suppliers. This will help bind any loose, dry soil and provide the vitamins and disease suppressing nutrients plants and trees need to grow. Finish off your garden bed with a layer of wood chip mulch to lock in all that moisture over the upcoming dry months.

Enjoy your garden this winter and make it the star of your home. For professional advice and assistance with your trees book your free quote with our team today.

Happy Gardening

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