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Prepare Your Trees for the Ekka Winds

Jul 27, 2020

Although there’s no Ekka or Gold Coast Show this year, the Ekka winds have certainly arrived and they’re right on time. prepare your trees for the windy month of August with these tree maintenance tips.


Tree Pruning

Remove all deadwood from your trees by engaging a qualified Arborist to undertake deadwood pruning. Deadwood often occurs in a trees canopy during the winter months when the weather is cooler and dryer. It is these dead and dying branches that often fall from trees on windy days. Only a trained Arborist can correctly identify deadwood and undertake tree pruning to ensure the establishment of healthy, well-formed new growth.

Be proactive and have your trees pruned now to eliminate unwanted fallen branches.


Palm Cleaning

Palm trees are often blown about during high winds causing loose fronds to fly about, covering your neighbourhood. Keep on top of your palm tree maintenance by removing any loose, hanging or browning fronds from your palms as they appear. Your neighbours and the local drivers will thank you for it.

If your palms are out of reach don’t risk climbing a ladder. Call the experts and book your free quote for palm cleaning with Frontier Tree Services.


Regular Inspections

Get familiar with your trees, how they usually look and the ground surrounding them. Decay and structural weakness usually form slowly over time. The more familiar with your trees, the easier it is to spot any changes. Signs of possible decay or structural weakness can present in the following forms;

  • Mushrooms and fungus growths
  • Gaps in the soil around a trees base
  • Die back within the canopy

If you notice any of the above have an Arborist inspect your tree as soon as possible. Windy weather and structural weakness can be a recipe for total tree failure.


Remove Dead Trees Now

Do you have dead or dying trees that you just haven’t gotten around to yet?

Have you already received a quote but just haven’t actioned it?

Act now to keep your home safe. Traditionally, the Gold Coast experiences high winds during the month of August. This paired with wet weather could be the last straw for your dead or dying tree. It could come crashing down with the potential to damage both property and persons. Please don’t put off attending to a dangerous tree or delay necessary tree maintenance. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help.

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