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Indoor Plants you need during Isolation

Apr 24, 2020

Our normal day to day lives are stressful. Many of us are feeling the pressure more than ever with the current COVID-19 situation. Isolation and time spent at home can be stressful, but there’s a range of things we can do at home to help return our home to the much- loved sanctuary it once was. Starting with indoor plants.

Did you know indoor plants can naturally reduce stress and anxiety?

Many studies have been conducted on this theory, all proving that we’re basically happier and healthier when we surround ourselves with a bit of greenery. Improved heart rates and blood pressure to improved air quality and improved healing /recovery rates. There’s many a theory that supports greenery within our homes.

Seem we’re all stuck in doors, why not select a few indoor plants for your home and see if you notice the difference. With home schooling set to re-commence for term 2 it’s worth a try.

Here’s our pick of the 5 best plants to help reduce stress in your home during isolation.

Fiddle leaf fig

These plants are fantastic at boosting our oxygen levels and making you feel great. They are known for releasing lots of good positive energy with their dark green leaves, growing upwards towards the sun. Who doesn’t want that in their home?

Fiddle leafs also happen to be an on-trend plant at the moment if you’re into interior decorating. Not only is it on style but it’s good for you too. These plants are hardy and grow really well in Queensland so you shouldn’t have too many problems keeping them alive.

Just remember, this is a Fig tree so it’s best to keep it planted in a pot to contain the roots. Figs are beautiful trees but have an invasive root system and require a lot of space if growing outdoors. Keep all your good energy inside with this one.


Jasmine flowers produce a sweet-smelling fragrance. It’s this smell that induces a soothing and calming effect on us. Some studies have shown its effects are similar to those of Valium. Wow!

Jasmine needs approx. 4 hours of sunlight a day in an area that’s not too hot. Try and keep it away from any western facing windows and that harsh afternoon sun. Jasmine will grow to its pot size, smaller pots will produce a small neat little plant or for a larger impact select a bigger pot with room for your plant to grow.

For a well-rested, calm, anxiety-free home get busy potting some Jasmine around the house.


Chamomile is another soothing and calming plant. It’s well known for its tea, which has calming effects to help aid with sleep, upset stomachs and ease nerves. Its bright yellow and white flowers are a happy uplifting boost to any family home. Its fragrance is said to have calming qualities.

Chamomile flowers look like daisies. They are easy to grow, only require water approx. once a week and grow best when placed in an eastern facing window for morning light. These plants are so easy and satisfying to grow it’s the perfect home-schooling project for any young gardeners you may have stuck indoors at the moment.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well known for its healing properties as a natural aesthetic. It’s great for burns, skin irritations, acne and the list goes on. What many people wouldn’t know is that the Aloe Vera plant stores all it’s energy during the day and releases it as oxygen at night. Helping us all breathe a bit better during the night. It’s known as CAM  (Crassulacean acid metabolism.)

Aloe vera, like most succulents, is easy to purchase and will grow just about anywhere. They are perfect styling accessory for any table setting and require very little attention. Aloe vera is known for multiplying and can quickly spread and take over a garden bed. If you’re just looking to keep one or two plants keep them in small pots indoors.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil or Tulsi is known for reducing stress, improving mental clarity and longevity. Its leaves can be dried and used in potpourri. It’s sweet fragrance providing a soothing effect across your home. Or, if you’re brave enough, it can also be eaten or drunk in a tea for stronger results. It’s said to eat approx. 10 -12 leaves a day or drink its tea on a regular basis.

Holy Basil is different to the usual basil we use in cooking. It’s got grey / green leaves with ridged edges. It grows well in partial sun and like many herbs, the more you pick the more it will grow.

We hope we’ve inspired you to try out a few new pot plants this winter, or at least provided fun projects to keep the family busy one afternoon.

Happy Planting. The Frontier Team

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