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Why You Need An Arborist For Your Next Tree Removal

Jan 22, 2020

There are countless benefits of using a professional Arborist for your Tree Removal projects. Arborists train for years to become proficient climbers and love an opportunity to showcase their skills on technical tree removals. Navigating these tricky climbs with constricted work areas highlights the difference between a professional Arborist and your everyday lopper.


Here are five reasons for always choosing an Arborist for your next tree removal project



With a few exceptions, trees that are higher than 4m or more than 40 centimetres in circumference are considered as protected vegetation by the Gold Coast City Council. A qualified Arborist can assess your trees accurately and provide advice and assistance with your tree removal application.

Untrained individuals don’t have the same understanding of Council regulations, which can result in incorrect advice and illegal removals. Illegally removed trees can result in hefty fines and replanting orders imposed on the tree owner.

Frontier Tree Services prides itself on providing sound advice that you can trust, enabling you to make the best decision.


Technical Knowledge

You need to take great care when a tree is located close to properties, structures and pools. It is these restricted work areas where an Arborists knowledge of cuts, aerial rigging and advance tree felling are essential. An Arborist knows what cuts to make and where to make them without damaging or impacting the surrounding area. 

Our Climbing Arborists are AQF L3 L5 qualified. With Frontier Tree Services, you can trust the Arborist undertaking your tree removal has the expertise to remove your tree safely and efficiently.



Tree removal can be dangerous, particularly to those who don’t have the correct training or are inexperienced. As professional Arborists, we understand the risks and invest in equipment and safe practices to reduce these risks. A full site risk assessment is also completed and recorded by the Arborist before starting any work.

Don’t be afraid to ask your tree removal provider about their safety practices. Any professional Arborist will have this information at hand and should be able to provide it to you.


Specialised Equipment

We’ve all seen or heard stories of people pulling over large trees with a rope tied to a ute. It’s understandable if you’re a farmer out in the country, removing a dead tree in the middle of a paddock. However, this is not a safe or acceptable practice for properties within an urban environment such as the Gold Coast. 

A qualified Arborist has the skills and experience, and professional equipment specifically designed to facilitate tree removals. Equipment includes saws, hedge trimmers, stump grinders and larger equipment such as a bobcat. Your Arborist will also process the timber and remove waste from your property using a woodchipper. 



As you can imagine climbing high trees while using chainsaws can be risky. Arborist insurance provides full liability cover while working at unrestricted heights. Their comprehensive cover is for any damage to property or injury to persons while undertaking any tree removal services.

Many home and business owners are unaware that their regular gardener or local loppers do not hold the same level of insurance. Generally, they’re not covered to work at heights greater than two meters.

Frontier Tree Services hold a standard public liability cover of $20 million where WorkCover covers all employees.

It’s essential to consider the above information when you’re looking for a contractor for your next tree removal project. If you’d like more information and a free quote on the services offered by Frontier Tree Services get in touch with us today.

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