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Tree Maintenance After Heavy Rain

Feb 7, 2020

While it’s great to see some decent rain for our trees and gardens, when it all comes at once, it can cause damage to some of our much-loved larger trees and impact tree maintenance. Get familiar with your trees by looking for any of the below signs of damage. If you do spot something, give Frontier a call, for a free assessment and recommend the best course of action to keep your trees happy and healthy.

Soil Changes

Changes to soil levels and cracks or holes in the soil around the base of your tree could all be signs of movement. These slight changes are easy to miss, but if left unattended could result in catastrophic tree failure. Make sure your tree stability hasn’t been compromised by having an Arborist inspect your tree and advise on the necessary action to keep your home safe.

Mushrooms & Fungus

Mushrooms and fungus growth around the base and trunk (known as conks) can be a sign of internal decay. Many mushrooms are harmful to trees and can cause the tree to rot from the inside out, known has heart decay. Engage a qualified Arborist to identify the growth and advise a suitable solution.

Branch Failure / Snapped Limbs

It’s typical for trees to experience broken and hanging branches during extreme weather. When this occurs, call an Arborist to remove the failed limb and check for any damage. Snapped branches can provide an entry point for diseases to enter a tree, so it’s essential to have an Arborist correctly prune any damaged sections of the tree to keep it healthy and encourage new growth.

Remember, it can be a long time between drinks for some of our trees, particularly in times of drought. Replace any lost nutrients washed away in the rain with good organic compost and lock the moisture in with a nice layer of woodchip mulch. This will encourage lush green foliage and stable growth.

If you have concerns about any of your trees following extreme weather events, or just need some general tree maintenance, call our team on 5574 4477 or send us an email. Our Gold Coast-based expert Arborists will make an accurate assessment and provide solutions to keep your home safe.

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