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What Does Tree Lopping Mean

Jan 10, 2020

The commonly used term ‘tree lopping services‘ means to “cut off” a branch, limb or section of a treeWhen looking for an Aborist to lop your trees, it is easy to get confused when they tell you that they don’t lop trees.

Tree lopping is not the best practice for keeping your trees healthy. Tree lopping can mean cutting off branches and major limbs at any point with no consideration of the trees future growth habits. 

It is common practice to lop trees to a height that keeps them away from buildings and pathways. While it is a quick, easy way to achieve the desired outcome, aesthetically it’s not always pleasing, and the results don’t last.


Lopping trees can cause the following health issues:

Disease & Pest Decay: Disease, bacteria and pest infestations can enter open wounds left on a branch. This can cause the tree to decay which can result in limb or total tree failure.

Rapid Re-growth: When trees aren’t pruned correctly, they can go into a  state of shock. Lopping trees can cause rapid regrowth when a large percentage of the canopy is removed. The tree is in shock and tries to reproduce what it has lost. Tree lopping also requires ongoing pruning to maintain a certain height or shape.

Unstable Branches: The new branches that re-grow after lopping are poorly formed and can be structurally weak. This heightens the risk of branch failure or total tree failure.

How to Avoid Tree Lopping

Engage a qualified Arborist to prune your tree. Qualified Arborists prune to Australian Standard AS:4373. Tree pruning encourages the natural growth of a tree and ensures future growth is not compromised.

Correct pruning practices involve pruning any branches back to the main unions (no stubs left behind), removing dead, dying and crossing branches, and the removal of non-essential limbs.

Trees typically produce growth in a vertical direction. It is a common misconception that reducing the height of a tree will let more light, reduce leaf litter or improve views. Correct pruning practices allow your tree to grow in its natural form without changing the height of the tree. Just ask us how.

If you are considering tree lopping give us a call to find an alternative, longer-lasting solution to your tree pruning needs.

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