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When to Engage A Professional Tree Removal Service

Mar 23, 2023

Trees are a great part of any property and are often the first thing people notice when they come to your home. They add an aesthetic appeal to your garden and can even increase the value of your property. However, in instances when trees become a potential hazard and preservation cannot be an option, it’s best to call in a professional tree removal service as soon as possible.

Signs to Engage A Professional Tree Removal Service

A regular check of the tree’s appearance can help assess its condition. Alternatively, if you suspect an existing issue and can’t quite determine it, call a qualified Arborist who can correctly provide a diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate tree service, such as pruning.

Watch out for these signs in your tree:

Poor Health

Like us humans, trees are susceptible to being sick too. Professional tree removal service may be necessary if the tree is critically ill. Indications of an unhealthy tree often include:

  • Unusual form for the species
  • Stunted growth
  • Leaves falling off-season
  • Tree discolouration
  • Spots on leaves
  • Excessive fruit and seeds debris

Long, Deep Cracks and Huge Cavities On Trunk

The trunk of a tree serves as its primary support. Though healthy trees can endure minor damage and exhibit shallow cracks, exceptionally deep cracks extending across the trunk indicate a more pressing issue. In addition, big holes or cavities on the trunk may result in pest infestation and the invasion of harmful fungi and bacteria that can infect the entire tree and its surrounding vegetation over time.

These fractures and hollows compromise the tree’s strength, leaving it unstable, which raises the risk of it collapsing unexpectedly and causing damage to properties and harm to people.

Cracks and cavities can also denote that a tree is nearing the end of its life.

Significant Root Damage

A tree’s root system is vital to its overall health and stability. When there are problems with the root system, it can lead to various issues. When left unaddressed for too long, engaging a professional tree removal service may be the only choice, as it may be too late to administer other tree care services. A damaged root system may exhibit these signs:

  • Decaying of rotting roots
  • Gaps between soil and trunk base
  • Thin or limited foliage
  • Unbalanced growth patterns
  • Visible surface roots, particularly circling roots
  • Asymmetrical growth patterns or leaning heavily to one side

Close Proximity To Structures

One of the leading reasons for seeking tree removal services is the tree’s close proximity to buildings and homes. Consider the tree’s distance from your house and the potential damage caused by accumulated leaves and debris blocking rooflines and gutters.

Trees that have grown excessively can intrude upon buildings and obstruct visibility for drivers and pedestrians beneath them. The tree’s heavy branches may also pose a risk of falling onto nearby structures, making the clear safety hazards that require immediate attention.

Do not Attempt to Remove Trees Yourself. Engage A Professional Tree Removal Service

If you notice signs that you may need a tree removed, always opt to call a professional tree removal service. Never attempt tree removal yourself, as it requires specialised knowledge, training and equipment. A qualified arborist from Frontier Tree Services can diagnose the tree’s condition, provide an alternative preservation solution, or administer tree removal correctly and safely.

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