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When Is The Right Time To Have A Tree Trimming Service?

Apr 5, 2022

Tree Trimming is an important part of proper tree care and maintenance. Trees can look scraggly and lose their physical appeal over time when left growing for too long. Having said that, Tree Trimming Service is done primarily for aesthetic purposes. It is to enhance the appearance of a tree.

What is the Process of Tree Trimming?

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning are often confused with one another. They are essentially the same thing, but to create a distinction, Tree Pruning entails cutting off any loose, dead and diseased limbs and branches. It focuses on the overall health of the tree and its ability to flourish.

On the other hand, Tree Trimming can be referred to more as hedge maintenance or topiary. It is done to maintain small trees and shrubs to specific heights and shapes or to trim them to create a dense form for privacy screening. 

It is an ongoing maintenance service that would have to be performed several times throughout the year to manage re-growth and maintain a uniformed look. In general, Tree Trimming is for ornamental and aesthetic purposes.

Signs Your Tree Needs Tree A Trimming Service


When left unchecked, small trees, hedges or shrubs can become overgrown and unkempt, which leaves them vulnerable to a range of issues.  The heavy growth of branches and leaves can block the sunlight from entering their innermost parts – this can be detrimental to the tree’s overall health. Overgrowth also causes a tree to resist wind rather than allow it to pass through. As a result, the branches start to weaken and become a safety risk if they fall.

Poor Form 

Trees are meant to have a majestic look and feel to them. So it may be an excellent time to consider having a Tree Trimming Service if there’s an unusual growth or the tree seems distorted. Poorly formed trees with branches that grow in different directions may also develop structural integrity, leading to their branches becoming too heavy and at risk of breaking.

Signs of Disease

Regularly check your tree for signs of any potential diseases. Some common symptoms include premature falling, discolouration, white powdery mildew, and blisters and spots on the leaves and branches. For the correct diagnosis, seek the help of an Arborist. They can recommend the most appropriate Tree Care procedure, including Tree Trimming Services. 

Too Large for the Garden 

Your tree should enhance your garden and not overcrowd it. Tree Trimming helps prevent trees from growing so thick that it doesn’t look proportional to the size of your land.

For Tree Trimming Service, Hire A Professional

Tree Trimming on the Gold Coast is essential to beautiful, well maintained trees. Although it may sound simple enough to do on your own, you get the best results when a professional does it. They know the correct and, most of all, safe way to do it, avoiding damage to the tree.

Frontier Tree Services has a team of qualified Arborists who strictly follow Australian standard AS 4373 Pruning of Amenity trees and comply with Gold Coast City Council regulations. If your tree needs trimming, please get in touch with us.

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