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Poisoned Tree in Runaway Bay

Aug 4, 2020

Poisoned Tree in Runaway Bay – A Tale of Recovery

This mature Red Gum tree was poisoned. Someone in the area clearly wasn’t a fan of the tree. They decided to take matters into their own hands to try and have the tree removed. The site managers spotted large drill holes at the base of the tree, indicating the poisoning. They promptly engaged Frontier Tree Services to provide advice on the matter.

Our Arborist inspected the tree and determined the tree had indeed been poisoned. As a result, it was experiencing die back within the canopy as well as branch failure. The Body Corporate and Frontier Tree Services worked with the City of Gold Coast to determine the future of the tree, whilst ensuring the safety of surrounding property and persons.

This tree forms a major part of the streetscape. It was part of the original landscape design of this body corporate property and significantly improves the amenity of the street. Because of the trees significance it was important the tree be retained.

Vigour was still present within 10% of the remaining canopy. A sign the tree has the potential to re-grow. Our Arborists undertook pruning to heavily reduce extending limbs. Thus reducing the risk of any continued limb failure, and giving the tree the best chance to recover.

Correct tree pruning techniques ensure healthy, strong, and well-formed new growth. Trees experiencing die back due to poisoning or a change in climate conditions don’t always require removal. If you have a tree of significance speak with our Arborist to see if alternative pruning methods can save your tree.

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