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Why Replanting Is Important After Tree Removal

Feb 25, 2020

Tree removal will always be necessary to keep our homes safe and improve the functionality and aesthetics of our properties. However, when we remove trees, how many of us are replanting?

Top 5 Reasons for Replanting:

Carbon Storage

Undoubtedly, the most beneficial reason for replanting is natural carbon storage, and with global warming at the front of everyone’s minds, tree planting is more critical than ever. Did you know, carbon makes up 50% of a trees dry mass? Dry mass being the trunk, root system and branches. Young trees remove approximately 5.9kg of Co2 per year. They are most efficient once they reach ten years in age, removing up to 22kg per year. Next time you’re arranging your tree removal consider replanting with a smaller, more suitable species. Free trees are available from the Gold Coast City Council, and we have a range of great local nurseries across the coast with excellent native stock.

Increased property value

While an unkempt, overgrown tree can hurt your property value, a well-positioned maintained tree can significantly improve the aesthetics and value of your property. Remove unsightly, overgrown or poor positioned trees and replant with a more suitable species that complement the style of your home. Remember that native species are always easier to establish and will grow well in our warm coastal climate.

Wildlife Habitat

Trees provide a much-needed food source and are home to many of our native animals. Tree clearing for developments reduces our wildlife habitat areas every day. Encourage native wildlife into your back yard with trees that provide habitat to our little local neighbours. Make sure you consider the size of your block and what you use your property for when considering planting new trees, particularly if you are considering replanting with eucalyptus. Download “Grownative” from the app store for a handy list of native trees suitable for wildlife habitat and where you can purchase them.

Natural Sound Buffer

Reduce noise from busy roads and neighbours by planting a hedge. Dense trees such as Lilly Pilly’s make an excellent hedge and can help reduce noise by several decibels, providing a cheaper and natural alternative to sound-insulated boards. Lilly Pilly trees are a common, inexpensive tree that’s easy to grow and readily available from nurseries and Bunnings. Varieties such as the Resilience are well suited for privacy screening and hedging.

Natural Climate Control

Modern conveniences can make it easy to forget the simplicity of cooling down under the shade of a tree. Create an oasis in your back yard with a shady feature tree. With regular pruning, you’ll keep the tree canopy under control and just where you want it. This feature tree provides cooling in summer and reduces wind load on those blistering cold days. Protecting our homes or exposed yards from the full force of the wind.

As you can see, trees play a vital role in our lives and the environment. Next time you’re booking Frontier Tree Services in for your tree removal, ask us about replanting options or where to purchase native trees.

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