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Prepare Your Trees For Spring

Sep 1, 2020

Spring signals the end of Winter and the beginning of a season full of new growth. It also marks the beginning of bushfire season, new tree growth and gusty winds. Here’s our complete guide on how to prepare your trees for Spring.


Bushfire Prep

The Queensland’s bushfire season has officially begun. After last year’s horrific fires, it’s more important than ever to be prepared. Prevent your trees from adding fuel to the fire by carrying out these simple steps;

  • Clean gutters of all leaves and debris
  • Prune overhanging trees away from homes and structures
  • Remove dead trees
  • Remove dead and hanging palm fronds


High Winds

We often experience strong gusty winds (and the odd storm) around this time of year causing countless trees and branches to fail. Be prepared and check your trees regularly to avoid tree failure during the windy season

  • Book an Arborist to have your trees professionally pruned
  • Remove dead and hanging palm fronds as they appear
  • Check your tree for signs of decay


Seed Pod Growth

Palm Trees typically go into seed during spring or early summer. Fallen seeds can make a mess of your pathways, cause slip hazards and invite unwanted bats into your yard. Have your seed pods professionally removed along with any dead palm fronds by booking a quote for palm cleaning with Frontier today.


Growth over roofs and pathways

Spring weather usually encourages lots of fresh new growth on trees. You tree may appear to have grown overnight. Suddenly it’s overhanging the house, growing over the neighbour’s fence or is hanging low over your driveway. This growth sneaks up on all of us. Before we know it the trees completely overgrown and we’re rushing to get the tree pruned before Christmas. Be prepared this year and book early. When you start to notice the overhang, book quickly with Frontier Tree Services.

If you have any concerns with your Gold Coast Trees or how to prepare your trees for spring, please get in touch with us today.

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