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Fallen Tree Removal – Ashmore

Sep 18, 2020

Fallen Tree Removal – In the early hours of a Thursday morning a deafening crack echoed across the quiet suburb of Ashmore. Our tree owners awoke to find their once tall and proud gum tree had crashed through the fence, and was now strewn across their neighbour’s yard.

This once mighty gum was hiding a nasty surprise. Hidden behind a pile of green waste was a wound infected with Ganaderma. Ganaderma is a fungus that grows on the trunk, or major limbs of a tree. Wounds are visible from the outside but the true damage occurs internally. The fungus causes rot within the main structure of the tree and causes decay. This decay severely compromises a trees stability and in this instance, caused total tree failure.

Frontier Tree Services attended the property as soon as possible to assess the fallen tree. We quickly formed a plan for it’s safe removal. The majority of the tree had fallen into the neighbours property. Most of the work needed to be undertaken through the neighbours. Our team coordinated access requirements with both the tree owner and neighbour, ensuring the fallen tree removal would run smoothly.

This large tree was laying across two properties, with restrictive access. Our team bought in some extra equipment to help remove the tree quickly and with minimal disturbance. With the use of a second truck, excavator and skid steer this fallen tree removal job was fully cleared within two hours.


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