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Paperbark Tree Removal Elanora

Apr 2, 2020

Paperbark Tree Removal Elanora

Client: J Coulson

Location: Elanora


The Problem

This paperbarks root system was starting to intrude into the surrounding underground services and surface roots were creating a trip hazard. The tree was much too large for it’s the location being near the street frontage and footpath. To ensure the safety of passing traffic and residents, tree removal was the best option. Our client knew they had to address the issues caused by the tree, but weren’t sure if the tree could be removed, or how to apply for approval with the local gold coast city council.

The Process

The rules and regulations around paperbark tree removal and pruning can be confusing. Our clients are often unsure of the process, and how to determine if their tree is protected. Our Arborists determined that the paperbark tree did not conform to any assessable outcomes and was therefore protected. Thus requiring a tree removal application to the City of Gold Coast. Our customer service team prepared the application and lodged it to the City of Gold Coast.

Once the application was approved, our crew was scheduled to undertake the removal. Because the tree was out the front of the property, our crew had to ensure clear exclusion zones were created. Blocking off any potential access from pedestrian or vehicle traffic. This cute dog tried to get in on the action but had to be taken inside by it’s owner.

Our crew of Arborists carefully dismantled and lowered each section of the tree, processing the timber through the woodchipper as they went. Because the tree was easily accessible for our climbers and machinery this tree was removed and stump ground in less than an hour.



The Result

Our client no longer has the worry of roots growing into plumbing and electrical services, or tripping over large surface roots. On this occasion, it wasn’t so much the tree felling that required expert skills, but the planning and preparation. If our client failed to get the correct advice from a trained Arborist they could have risked illegally removing a protected tree. Illegal removal of vegetation is something the local government takes very seriously. Hefty fines and substantial re-planting orders are imposed on the tree owner when illegal removals occur. Lucky for our client they spoke with the right people and received correct advice.

If you need assistance determining if your tree is protected, or need help with your tree removal application get in touch our team today.

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