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Fig Tree Pruning Ashmore

Apr 2, 2020

Fig Tree Pruning Ashmore

Client: Paradise Commercial Maintenance

Location: Ashmore

The Problem

Fig trees are large trees with extensive canopies and root systems. The café located under the tree was being inundated with leaves and animal droppings from the overhanging branches. This was causing blocked gutters and creating an unpleasant alfresco area. So, our clients main concerns were the never ending leaf litter and lack of natural light. The tree provides a significant benefit to the environment and local area, so removal was not considered as an option. The local landscape gardener who maintains this property knew that the cafes problems could be addressed by correct fig tree pruning techniques. He enlisted the help of our qualified Arborists to prune the trees correctly and solve this cafes problem.

The Process

When pruning trees, it’s important that all pruning complies with the Australian Pruning Amenities Act AS:4373. Our Arborists undertook directional pruning to reduce the overhang into the café, leaving the vertical stems to grow up and away from the building. Our arborist manoeuvred through the trees canopy and extensive branch structure. This ensured all cuts were precise and close to main union points. This helps provide a longer lasting pruning result. Our experienced ground crew processed all branches through the woodchipper and removed all waste from site.

The Result

The café patrons can now enjoy their coffee, without unwanted droppings from above. The space is light, bright and provides a much more welcoming atmosphere. Because of our Arborists pruning techniques and  complying with recommended pruning practices, the café will have at least another 12 months before overhanging branches start to become an issue again. Until next time…

If you’re after longer lasting results from your tree pruning, make sure your working with a qualified Arborist. Quick lopping jobs may be cheaper and seem easier, but will require constant maintenance throughout the year. Contact our team for your next tree pruning quote   

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