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Do You Need An Arborist Or Tree Lopper

May 29, 2017


Do You Need An Arborist Or A Tree Lopper

Finding out whether you need an Arborist or Tree Lopper, is important. If you have a tree that needs removing or needs a few branches trimmed or cut off, you may think that it is unnecessary to get in an Arborist and instead locate your nearest tree lopper. Although this may seem like a cheaper solution right now, this might not be the case in the long run.


So, what is the difference between an Arborist or Tree Lopper?


A Tree Lopper is someone who will come in and take down the branches or trees that you want without taking into consideration the regrowth or positioning of the tree. This could lead to a stunted or weak growth of the tree, which could then fall in windy conditions if the new growth becomes too heavy.
You may also find that even though the Tree Lopper may seem like a cheaper option, the ongoing cost of a lopped tree will end up costing more than having your tree pruned correctly the first time. Lopped trees are likely to re-shoot quickly and require more frequent lopping than what a correctly pruned tree would need. Unlike a lopper, an arborist is specially trained and will operate more efficiently and provide a better outcome.
A qualified Arborist (as seen in our previous blog ‘What is an Arborist’) does much more than just pruning and tree felling. They will study the growth and management of the job you want to be done so that the health and the safety of the tree and the surrounding area are taken into consideration.


An Arborist will make sure that they have looked at your tree from every angle and make sure that what they cut – and where – will not adversely affect the tree (and you) in the future. They will have a proper plan in place, on what branches to cut, and how to cut them, all to make sure that when there is regrowth, it will not be weak and frail, but rather strong and healthy, and not in a position that will need trimming more often.
Hopefully that helps you understand the difference. If in doubt, please give us a call and book in a FREE appointment with one of our qualified Arborists, who will tell you exactly what’s needed.

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