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Could Your Trees Be Affecting Your Home

May 17, 2017

Trees Affecting Your Home

Owning a house is the Australian dream, especially a house, that has a big garden that the kids can run around in but you’d never think that trees affect your home. With having a big garden, comes trees and unfortunately, some trees could be affecting your home in ways you won’t believe.


Below we outline the top three ways that trees can be making a difference to some of those ‘internal’ issues you may be experiencing.



Invasive tree roots can cause all sorts of issues with underground services, cracking pipes and blocking drains. If your water bill is higher than usual or you’ve got a damp area in the garden then your pipes may have been affected by tree roots.

Not to worry, plumbers will be able to identify the problem area and an arborist can advise on how to remove the problem tree.

It’s important to remember that not all trees have invasive roots and will cause this problem. Selective planting for the right area and conditions is key.



Yes, those pesky little things that get into your home and eat the wood. They live in the garden and work their way inside. If you have trees with a lot of dead branches, or even old tree stumps, that can encourage termites.


For anyone that’s dealt with a severe case of termites, you will know that it’s a costly fix and one that can often be avoided with some awareness.



Although this seems like an obvious one, it’s something many people don’t think of. It’s important to pay particular attention to those trees close to our homes ensuring the trees remain free from deadwood, dying or hanging branches.


Falling tree branches (especially those huge ones) can cause some real damage to a home. We’re certain you’ve experienced the wild weather we can have here on the Gold Coast, and have seen the recent news reports of damaged homes from large fallen trees and branches.

It’s recommended to have your trees pruned at least once a year, removing deadwood and any branches that could pose a risk of failure. If you have any large trees that haven’t been looked at for a while  contact us


Trees are a beautiful part of nature and the environment, however, they can sometimes affect us in ways we couldn’t imagine.


To speak with a member of our qualified, tree removal experts team, then please contact us today. 

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