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Top Reasons For Maintaining Trees In Winter

Jun 21, 2017

Maintaining Trees In Winter

With frosty mornings and cold nights, maintaining trees in winter is essential, even though most of us would rather snuggle up near the heater with a good book! Winter is actually the ideal time to stay on top of your garden.

These are a few key reasons why maintaing trees in winter is essential:


As the weather warms, people start venturing outside and pay attention to their yards. As such, tree removalists like Frontier Tree Services, quickly become inundated with jobs. However, by getting a head start on your tree trimming, it’ll be much easier to get any tree servicing done quickly.

Healthier Trees

It is much better to prune deciduous trees during winter, while they are dormant. This will make it easier to identify and prune diseased or dead branches, as well as reduce the detrimental impact on the tree. Through pruning during winter also enables trees to heal before they begin to flower again properly.


All trees and plants need nutrients year round to ensure their survival. That’s why it’s essential to discuss your fertilisation needs with the experts at Frontier Tree Services. One of the most efficient ways to provide your trees with nutrients they need is by creating and spreading mulch. Winter is the ideal time to spread mulch, as the undergrowth has died off during the warmer months.


Winter is South East Queensland brings with it one certainty: unpredictable weather. Wild winds and storms can create substantial problems for weak or damaged trees. Once you spot the damage, ensure you consult the professionals at Frontier Tree Services to inspect your trees. A thorough inspection will ensure your trees are in optimal condition, preventing property damage and potential injury.


While these tips are mostly universal, there are a few exceptions. One major exception to winter tree pruning is fruiting or flowering trees. Orchids should only be pruned after the crop has been picked, and flowering trees should be trimmed as soon as their blossoms have dropped.
The reason behind this is the tree’s flower buds, and budding fruit is set the previous year, and winter pruning can significantly diminish your crop.
Stay on top of winter tree maintenance by calling or emailing the expert team at Frontier Tree Services today.

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