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Growth Season: Why Pruning In Spring Results in a Better Outcome

Oct 1, 2021

Spring is finally here! Whilst the season has a reputation of growth across trees, plants and flowers, you may notice that your yard is becoming a little overgrown and dense. Now is the perfect time to get your trees pruned. 

Tree pruning is a necessary part of tree care and maintenance and can be done any time of the year. However, as a Gold Coast local tree specialist, we recommend tree pruning in Spring to bring better outcomes for trees in the long run.

Reasons To Have Trees Pruned In Spring

Significant Increase In Tree Growth

As the seasons change from winter to spring, trees start to produce higher growth rates due to increased daylight hours. There’s an apparent increase in both the size of tree canopies and density as a result of this increase. Trees may reach a wider area and or hang lower and need lifting. 

Being Gold Coast Local Tree Specialists, we recommend our clients have their trees pruned during this season to reduce the impact on the tree and let more light into the garden and home. Spring pruning is done to remove excess growth that is currently occurring during the season.

Bushfire Season

Spring also signals the beginning of bushfire season in Australia and the reason that trees should be pruned during this time is to remove any dry, dead branches or palm fronds that have formed during winter. Dead branches and palm fronds become additional fuel stimulants for a bushfire. In addition, fallen dried leaves under trees or in gutters is also something that can spread fires through gardens and into buildings.

Engage the Services of a Gold Coast Local Tree Specialist When Pruning In Spring

Pruning, in general, is all about making improvements to the tree, which includes removing overgrown branches or thick crowns or canopy. The process enhances the tree shape, structure and overall aesthetics balance and encourages healthier growth.

In spring pruning, it is more reactive to the increased growth that occurs specifically during the season. Removing large, overgrown branches not only makes trees look more beautiful and balanced but also avoids undue impact to the tree itself. The method also prevents trees from becoming a potential danger to other trees, surrounding properties and humans.

To better prepare your trees this season, engage the services of a Gold Coast local tree specialist or an arborist from Frontier Tree Services. We can conduct an assessment of your trees and prune them to an agreed plan, always focusing on safety, conserving and preserving the tree.

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