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We continue to carry forward our conservation efforts by turning our tree waste into gold coast mulch. Woodchip mulch is an excellent garden bed drought-beater. A good layer of mulch helps with moisture retention and temperature moderation.
At Frontier Tree Supplies we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with quality gold coast mulch for weed suppression, moisture retention, increased beneficial soil micro-organisms, root zone temperature regulation and general visual appeal. Due to the nature of our business we are currently only able to supply mulch in bulk quantities of 20 cubic meter lots.

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Mulch acts like a protective blanket to keep the essential nutrients in your soil. The best time to add mulch to your garden is just before summer, as it helps keep your soil cool and reduces the water loss through evaporation.


Forest Mulch is a term the landscaping industry has given to the product that is created from all tree pruning, canopy reduction and tree removals, and is made up of whatever off-cuts tree workers feed into their chipper machine.


All our gold coast mulch sold is palm free. Palm fronds are fibrous and don’t break down as well as trees so are kept separate from our standard mulch. Forest mulch is a great cost effective way to cover your gardens, it looks great and gives it that “finished” look.


We know that mulching our gardens is a great way to keep moisture in and helps keep the weeds at bay, but what’s the best way to apply it? Ideally forest mulch should be applied approximately 10cm thick to provide good coverage and allow for partial composting. It’s important to remember not to mulch right up to the base of your trees or shrubs. By keeping a small space clear around the base it helps to reduce the risk of insect and disease problems. Because wood chip mulch is slow to break down it’s best to re-apply to your garden beds annually, ideally before the hot summer months set in.


To order your quality gold coast mulch, fresh or composted phone Frontier Tree Services on 07 5574 4477 or contact us today. One of our friendly team members will contact you to organise your delivery.

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As a retired Electrical Contractor who at times employed up to 300 tradesmen I have to comment on your operation. Those blokes were as professional as any trades I have come across since moving to Queensland almost 30 years ago. Matt and all of the others are an incredible asset to your business. Please pass on my thanks. Congratulations also to the  business owners and Management on having such a great operationR. Harwood, Broadbeach Waters (Feb 2020)