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Palm Tree Cleaning

Palm trees are a popular choice for most Gold Coast homes due to their shade and big lush foliage ideal for our sub-tropical climate. With minimal maintenance, palm trees can look majestic all year round. 

However, when they are left unmaintained, they can look shabby and ruin the landscape design of your garden. Falling fronds, fruits and seeds also pose a potential danger to your property and family, not to mention the flying and climbing critters they can attract.

Palms typically need cleaning twice a year as they tend to go into the seed at the beginning of winter, and again in early summer. For longer-lasting results between cleans engage an arborist for your palm cleaning when seeds first form. Palm Trees grow to significant heights, making hanging fronds, seed pods and fruits challenging to access and remove. For your safety, it is best to engage in the expertise of a tree service provider like Frontier Tree Services to undertake any palm cleaning and seed removal. Our professional, qualified Arborists are highly trained in non-invasive climbing techniques. They are equiped with specialist equipment which allows them to climb your palm trees safely. We will never use techniques that will wound or cause damage to your tree. Our palm cleaning and maintenance service ensure correct measures and techniques are used to maintain the beautiful aesthetics of your palms and prevent accidents from occurring. Leaving dead fronds and seeds to remain on palms can cause an array of different problems. Not only do they look unsightly and attract unwanted creatures like bats, but they also pose numerous safety hazards. Fronds and seeds can fall uncontrollably and with significant force, causing injury to people or damage to surrounding property. Berries produced in cocos palms fall when ripened and create slippery trip hazards on underneath walkways, and no one wants to be hit by a falling coconut! Thankfully Frontier Tree Services offer palm banding solutions for those palms situated in high pedestrian areas. We eliminate the risk of heavy falling debris by netting the outer palms and holding the fronds in place before they can fall. Palm bands can be applied at your next palm cleaning visit. If you’re interested in palm banding, ask our arborist at your next palm cleaning quote. Engage the services of a trustworthy tree removal experts like Frontier Tree Services. Keep your garden pristine, and your rubbish bins clean of all those dead fronds this year with our regular maintenance services. We offer repeat schedule service bookings to clean your palms when they need it most. If your Palms require cleaning, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Palm Tree Removal

There are occasions when palm trees require removal, these include:

  • When they become diseased or damaged
  • When they have grown too large for the surrounding area
  • When they affect the appearance of your garden
  • When the roots cause an impact to nearby structures and underground services

Frontier Tree Services will ensure your palms are removed safely and efficiently with minimal disturbance to your surrounding gardens and property. Our Arborists and ground crew receive regular training, keeping them up to date with the latest rigging and removal techniques. They are experts in removing Palms in narrow areas, like down the side of your house or surrounding your pool. 

If you’re not sure what to do with your Palm trees, ask us for some advice. Our experienced Arborists can advise on the species and typical growth characteristics of your palm, helping you make the best decision for the future maintenance of your home. Our friendly team will assist you at every step of the way to ensure your palm tree removal runs smoothly. 

Frontier Tree Services is a well-known and trusted tree removal company, operating on the Gold Coast since 1991. You can be sure that your palm trees and your home are in safe hands with our Arborists. We’ll safely remove your palm trees, remove all debris and leave your home clean and tidy. 

Contact us if you have a palm tree you want to be removed.

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Excellent service from the first moment of contact. Job was completed as quoted, in great time and with no fuss. Highly recommend this company. We will be using them for all our tree pruning needs in future.B. C for Serenity Shores, Helensvale (July 2020)