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Common Reasons for Tree Removal

Apr 17, 2019

Some people love trees and will keep them at all costs, while others would happily clear their entire garden to see it free of leaves and encroaching roots. Trees play a significant role in our environment, so it’s vital we maintain a healthy balance of vegetation on our properties. This is why it is essential to understand when tree removal is needed and when a tree can remain. Explore common reasons for tree removal and learn when it might be necessary to choose removal over pruning.


Here are the four most common reasons for tree removal on the Gold Coast:


1. Dangerous Trees

The main reason we are asked to quote on tree removal is that the client fears the tree will fail. No one wants to be the next news story of how their tree came crashing into their living room! The majority of trees that fail in storms have had signs of failure or have been in an active decline for a while.

These defects may not be visible to the untrained eye, but a trained Arborist will spot them a mile off. Have an Arborist inspect your trees and provide advice on future maintenance, or tree removal.


2. Invasive Roots

Some species of trees are not suitable for the urban cities we live in and need more space to grow. Root encroachment is becoming a big problem as the Gold Coast changes and properties become smaller. Tree roots can span two to four times the area of the crown of the tree, meaning tree roots may travel into neighbouring properties and grow in and around underground services and structures.

If you are experiencing problems with invasive roots, the most cost-effective method is usually tree removal. Removing the tree and killing off any surface roots will cause the remaining tree roots to die away and break down over time.


3. Outgrown Current Location

As mentioned above, some trees need more space to grow than others. In an urban environment, this is not always possible, and tree removal is necessary for practicality reasons. Trees growing up under service lines, against buildings or over houses and roads are not ideal and can cause safety issues as well as property damage.


4. Leaf Litter

Tree leaves are known for blocking up gutters, drains and making a mess of our pools. Left uncleaned these leaves can lead to all sorts of plumbing and water damage. Directional pruning can assist in minimising leaf litter and using gutter guards can prevent larger leaves from building up in your gutters. However, trees with smaller leaves such as Poincianas can be a little more challenging to manage and may require tree removal. If constant leaf litter is causing you a headache get in touch with us.


If you have trees on your property you’re concerned about, contact us today to book a free quote with one of our qualified Level 5 Arborists.

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