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Keep Your Trees Healthy This Summer

Jan 17, 2019

Caring for Your Gold Coast Trees This Summer

Sweltering hot Queensland summers can force many of us indoors to escape the summer heat and humidity. We prepare ourselves and families to cope with the summer heat, but what about our gardens?

Summer on the Coast can bring a mixture of flooding rain, dried out hot grounds and strong winds. A mixed bag of difficult conditions for our trees and gardens to survive in. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your trees happy and healthy during these hot summer months.


  • Water

    We all know trees and plants need water. But how much, and when’s the best time to water them? Early mornings are ideal. Moisture left on leaves for a period/overnight can cause mildew and another fungus. Keep an eye on your trees and plants as many will show signs of dehydration through their leaves. Discolouration, wilted or curled up leaves are usually an indication your trees and plants aren’t getting enough water.


  • Mulch

    Mulching is best done in spring, before the heat of the summer sunset in. However, if you haven’t got around to this yet there’s no time like the present. Applying a layer of mulch to your garden beds and around trees will reduce ground heat and help retain the moisture in the ground.


  • Storm Preparation 

    As we often impress, be proactive and undertake preventative measures to eliminate the risk of storm damage to your trees. Most trees and limbs that fail during a storm present warning signs well before the event. Frontier Tree Services offer Visual Tree Inspections, a written assessment of your trees pointing out any items deemed at risk. To find out more about our Visual Tree Assessments and how they can help you, call our office on 07 5574 4477.


  • Planting Selection 

    Some trees and plants are just not designed to withstand our harsh summer sun and need a cooler environment. When choosing trees and plants always look for natives. Natives are trees that are naturally found in the area and grow well in our climates conditions. Your local nursery will have a great selection of Queensland natives to offer. Alternatively, see out list of recommended trees for replanting on our FAQs page.

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