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5 Best Trees To Plant Near Your House (And The Worst)

Apr 17, 2019

Our suburbs are changing, and the typical residential lot is 30% smaller than it was a decade ago. It’s no surprise that some of the trees we have around our homes don’t have the space to grow that they once would have. To help you plan your landscaping, we’ve come up with our list of the best trees to plant near your house and the top 5 worst!

 5 Worst Trees to plant near a House

1. Fig Tree or Ficus

Figs are common Gold Coast trees and grow well in our coastal climate. They are lovely trees when given the right space to grow, but they need A LOT OF SPACE. Fig tree roots are particularly invasive and span large areas. Avoid planting Figs within a 25-meter radius (minimum) of any underground services or near any houses, structures, fences or pathways.


2. Tipuana Tree

Tipuanas grow up to 20 meters high and 30 meters wide, making them great for shade. However, like the Fig their root systems are extensive so avoid planting near buildings, underground services and pathways. Tipuanas produce masses of helicopter-style seed pods which spread easily through the air, meaning this tree easily self-seeds. If you have a heavily vegetated property, chances are there are some Tipuanas that have started growing all on their own.


3. Poinciana Tree

Poincianas are beautiful when in bloom and have a lovely wide spanning canopy. Given the right space to grow, these trees can be a real asset to your home. The key with Poincianas is “the right space”. Their wide and low growing canopy needs room to grow. Trees planted near walkways or close to buildings often require directional pruning, affecting the symmetry of the canopy. Like the other trees mentioned, the Poinciana also has a large and invasive root system. These trees need plenty of space above and below ground to fully flourish.


4. Cocos Palm

Cocos Palms or Queen Palms as they are sometimes referred to are commonly found throughout the Gold Coast. They are distinguishable by their tall single smooth grey trunk and small berry type seeds. This fast-growing palm spreads seeds and is on the Gold Coast City Councils pest species list. Consider planting away from any retaining walls, paved areas or areas with underground plumbing, as their root systems can be invasive.


5. Bamboo

While technically not a tree, we receive countless calls regarding the management and removal of Bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and depending on species it can reach heights of 12 meters or more on the Gold Coast. For this reason, Bamboo is popular for privacy screening. While it certainly offers privacy, it also brings with it significant debris and requires continual maintenance to thin out new growth. Left unmaintained, this species will quickly claim your yard and become a dense forest. Our recommendation – avoid planting altogether.




If you have any of the above species near your home or buildings, contact our Arborist today for your free tree removal quote.


Top 5 Best Trees to Plant Near Your House


1. Lilly Pilly Tree

Lilly Pilly trees come in a variety of different species and can be planted as a single tree or grown with multiple trees to form a hedge. They are readily available, fast growing and easily shaped, making them an appealing option for home gardeners. Lilly Pillys are a native Queensland tree perfect for planting in small gardens and courtyards.

2. Elaeocarpus Eumundi Tree

The Eumundi is perfect for planting in low maintenance gardens. They typically grow to a height of 5-10 meters in urban areas. The Eumundi is a great option for planting near buildings, structures and pathways and their glossy, dense foliage make them an attractive feature tree. They grow well in coastal conditions and are native to Queensland making them one of the best trees to plant near your house


3. Tuckeroo Tree

Tuckeroo trees are commonly planted as street trees around the coast. Easily maintained, they are suitable for planting close to structures and usually grow between 8-15 meters in height. They are hardy trees that grow well on the Gold Coast and are rarely affected by pests or diseases. If you’re looking for a nice shady tree to plant in your backyard, the Tuckeroo is our pick for the best trees to plant near your house.


4. Bottlebrush Tree

If you’re a wildlife lover, then the Bottlebrush or Callistemon tree is for you. This small tree produces a mass of varied coloured flowers, attracting all kinds of birds and wildlife. As well as providing a great food source for native wildlife, this tree is also easily managed as a tree, shrub or hedge and is easily grown on the Gold Coast.

5. Foxtail Palm

If you’re after a more tropical feel, we recommend the Foxtail Palm. Foxtails are a great option for planting around pools and paved areas and offer an updated look to the Cocos Palm that is so commonly found around the Gold Coast. The unique palm fronds are bushy in shape (hence the foxtail name) and typically grow to 15 meters in height. Readily available on the Gold Coast, these palms are suitable for coastal growing conditions.

We hope this post helps you better plan your next garden update. If you have any trees and need tree felling Gold Coast to make way for new more suitable trees contact our Arborist today for your free quote.

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