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Why Deadwood Should Be Removed

Oct 26, 2023

Deadwood in trees is a natural occurrence. While it may not seem like a pressing issue, leaving deadwood can harm your trees and potentially the nearby properties. In this blog, let’s talk about why deadwood should be removed and its impact if not managed properly.

What is Deadwood?

Deadwood are branches or parts of a tree that are already dead, decaying, or dying. Removing deadwood is a critical step for maintaining the health of a tree and the safety of people nearby and surrounding properties.

Deadwood will usually appear grey, dark brown, or black and have a dry and brittle texture. It’s important to note that sometimes, deadwood can be difficult to spot visually, but an arborist can help identify it.

Causes of Deadwood

A variety of factors can cause deadwood, including:

  • Natural ageing
  • Insufficient sunlight
  • Disease
  • Insect infestation
  • Physical damage (resulting from harsh weather conditions, construction, or vandalism)

Why Deadwood Should Be Removed: How It Affects Other Trees and Nearby Properties


Dead branches can fall anytime without warning, causing potential damage to people and property. The larger the limb, the more dangerous it can be when it falls, especially during storms or heavy winds. Dead branches can fall on power lines, vehicles, buildings, and other structures, causing massive damage and inconvenient repairs.

Removing deadwood is a preventive measure to avoid these hazards and ensure the safety of not only your property and occupants but neighbouring properties as well.

Prevention of Diseases and Pest Infestation

Deadwood is a breeding ground for pests and diseases. It becomes a prime habitat for different types of insects and fungi to thrive. Pests that feast on deadwood can move on to healthy wood, causing further damage to the tree or spreading to other plants and trees nearby.


Deadwood can affect the aesthetic appeal of trees and the surrounding landscape. Dead branches and limbs can give a tree a neglected appearance and diminish its beauty. Deadwood removal can preserve the tree’s natural form and shape, enhancing visual appeal.

Legal Liability

Tree keepers are responsible for tree maintenance to ensure the safety of people and surrounding properties. Ignoring deadwood poses safety hazards to your property and could cause legal repercussions if an accident occurs. Property damage or injury due to falling deadwood can sometimes be grounds for a lawsuit.

Why Deadwood Should Be Removed: Addressing the Issue Preserves Your Tree’s Well Being

Trees are valuable assets for Gold Coast property owners. They provide many benefits, so keeping them healthy and flourishing needs to be a tree keepers priority. One way to do this is to watch for any issues, such as deadwood. When you understand the importance of why deadwood should be removed, you can take action immediately.

Professional arborists can best address deadwood. They can perform tree pruning, tree removal or other necessary tree maintenance services to remove deadwood and preserve the healthy parts of the tree.

If you suspect that your tree has deadwood, please call us immediately. Our team of qualified arborists can thoroughly examine trees and recommend the best course of action.

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