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Frontier Tree Services – Identifying Popular Australian Trees

Mar 27, 2017

Frontier Tree ServicesIdentifying Popular Australian Trees

In Australia, we are blessed with a wide variety of unique flora found nowhere else in the world.

Whether you want to do something positive for the environment through bush revegetation and regeneration, or simply want to be a more responsible gardener, tree identification is becoming an increasingly popular past-time among Australians.

The accurate identification of native Australian trees enables you to:

  • Make records for future reference
  • Inform others about specific species and how to manage them, and
  • Make informed predictions about why, where and how certain species of tree survive, reproduce, compete, disperse, adapt and grow

To help you do this, here are some simple tips to identify popular Australian trees.

Ask an Expert – One of the easiest ways to identify Australian native trees is to ask for an expert opinion. An expert may be a horticulturist, landscaper, nursery owner, or even a lifetime gardener. Their intimate knowledge of our native trees will help you identify and care for our nation’s precious flora.

Compare with Books and Pictures – If you’re finding it difficult to identify the native trees in your backyard, consult plant encyclopaedias. To make the identification process even simpler, try taking a photo of the tree you wish to identify, and compare it to the photos, illustrations and descriptions in your books.

This will enable you to identify the individual genus and species of tree, as you’ll have a close-up view of bark texture, leaves and other identifying features.

Use a Tree Key – This can be quite daunting at first, as keys typically feature the traditional Latin and scientific names of trees. However, once you familiarise yourself with the terminology, you’ll be able to accurately identify a tree from any region and, tree keys are available for most areas, so wherever you go, you’ll become the local tree expert.

Recognise it Yourself – Identifying trees native to your state or suburb may be simpler than you think. By familiarising yourself with the species of tree which grow in your area (through internet searches, consulting books, talking to neighbours etc.), you’ll find the identification process much easier.

Note its Habitat – Another easy way to identify a tree is to note the habitat in which it grows. When looking up the tree in a plant encyclopaedia, narrow down your choice to those which grow in the same habitat.

Examine a Tree’s Leaves – When attempting to identify a tree, take special note of the appearance of its leaves. As well as helping you pinpoint the species of tree, the leaves will help you determine its approximate age. Juvenile leaves are found on seedling plants and small saplings. Whilst mature leaf regrowth chiefly occurs on twigs which grow from older tree trunks and branches.

If you’re still unsure, or you’d just like a second opinion, contact the Australian native tree experts at Frontier Tree Services today.

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